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Beyond Lithium Batteries

John Goodenough

John Goodenough is one of the original developers of the lithium ion battery. Recently, he has been involved in developing some battery technology that has 3-10 times or greater the energy density of lithium ion batteries. And, they’re very safe, non-toxic, and can be charged REALLY fast!

“Cost, safety, energy density, rates of charge and discharge and cycle life are critical for battery-driven cars to be more widely adopted. We believe our discovery solves many of the problems that are inherent in today’s batteries,” Goodenough said.

These batteries can also be made at a much lower cost since sodium can be used instead of lithium, which is in massive abundance in sea water. The electrolytes in this battery are actually made of a solid GLASS and is changing the way batteries and electricity are looked at.

Read this for more of the story:

Here is an abstract of the paper that discusses this revolutionary battery technology:!divAbstract

This is a related abstract:!divAbstract



Top 10 Most Popular Forum Posts

These are ALL TIME and not just 2016  – also, the most read aren’t the most active. We’ll post both the top 10 most viewed and the top 10 most posted, which shows what most people are involved in.

This is for BOTH Energetic Forum and Energy Science Forum.


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  2. My Asymmetric Electrodynamic Machines
  3. How to turn plastic waste into diesel fuel cheaply
  4. The Golden Tractate of Hermes Trismegistus applied to electromagnetism
  5. Use for the Tesla Switch
  6. The American Ruling Class
  7. Water Sparkplug
  8. Gray Tube Replication
  9. Bedini Earth Light
  10. Free Energy At Last Step By Step Must See


  1. Donald Smith Devices too good to be true
  2. My Asymmetric Electrodynamic Machines
  3. The American Ruling Class
  4. Bedini Earth Light
  5. How to turn plastic waste into diesel fuel cheaply
  6. Use for the Tesla Switch
  7. COP 17 Heater | Rosemary Ainslie
  8. 3 Battery Generating System
  9. Gray Tube Replication
  10. Water Sparkplug



  1. Plasma Ignition | Plasma Jet Ignition
  2. How to Make a Bedini Crystal Battery
  3. The SG Radiant Oscillator
  4. Branch’s SSG Build
  5. Design for Windpower per John’s DVD Number 25
  6. Dr Robert Beck
  7. The Ultimate Cap Dump
  8. The 3d Monopole Coil How To Build
  9. Four Wave Mixing
  10. Complete Bedini SG Book!


  1. Plasma Ignition | Plasma Jet Ignition
  2. How to Make a Bedini Crystal Battery
  3. Dr Robert Beck
  4. The 3d Monopole Coil How To Build
  5. Branch’s SSG Build
  6. The SG Radiant Oscillator
  7. The Ultimate Cap Dump
  8. Dissecting Erfinder’s comments
  9. Design for Windpower per John’s DVD Number 25
  10. A few newbie questions.


Gary Alexander Bedini

Gary Alexander Bedini, 64

November 9th, 2016

Gary Alexander Bedini, 64, passed away on Nov. 5, 2016. He was born in Rochester, N.Y., on Nov. 17, 1951, to Rosalee and Alex Bedini.

He moved to Coeur d’Alene in 1990. He and his brother, John, were partners in business for more than 40 years. They built high end stereo equipment and most recently battery chargers and solar equipment for home solar energy equipment.

Gary had many artistic talents and most recently did beautiful wood carvings as his hobby.

Gary was preceded in death by his wife, Debie. He was survived by his daughter, Ashley Marie Bedini; sisters Sheryl Edgington and Andrea Brooks; mother-in-law Dorothy Fiorucci; brother-in-law Gary Edgington; sister-in-law Ronda Darrah-Bedini; as well as numerous nieces and nephews.

Services will be held at 2 p.m. Friday, Nov. 11, 2016, at the Hayden Lake Eagles, 1520 W. Wyoming Ave., Hayden, with a potluck to follow.

In lieu of flowers, please make a contribution to the Kootenai Humane Society.

Visit Gary’s online memorial and sign his guest book at

Magazine Collection

Last year, after receiving a collection of electronic equipment, the Sewell family donated an old magazine collection with many of them going back 100 years.

Much of this is scanned into Google, but there is nothing like having all of these in hard copy. This is definitely a treasure trove of valuable knowledge in electronics and engineering.

Special thanks to Donald Sewell for this amazing magazine collection!

Here’s Bob Sewell’s Regenerative Electric Car project:

Here’s Bob Sewell’s Electronic’s Collection:

You can find Donald Sewell’s photography website here: Sewell Scenics

David Robert Squires Obituary

Last month, we all lost a very good man who was dedicated to furthering our understanding of various energy technologies, especially in the area of motor/generator design. About five years ago, David Squires presented Advanced Motor Secrets at our first Energy Science & Technology Conference. Over the years, he quietly worked on many motor/generator related projects with Peter Lindemann, Paul Babcock, Jim Murray, Mike Waters and others. His experience and knowledge has been very inspirational to many and he will be sadly missed.

David Squires
David Squires

David Robert Squires went home to be with the Lord on Sept. 15, 2016.

He is survived by his wife, Rosie Squires, and three adult children, Grant Rees, Joyia Squires and Bryce Squires.

Grant is currently attending Whitworth University as a music major. Joyia is at Western Washington State University in Bellingham studying with an emphasis in art. Bryce recently graduated from Colville High School and intends to attend Digipen on the old Microsoft Campus.

Family members include John and his wife Gloria of Kettle Falls; sister, Laura Squires; and brothers, Jeff, and Charlie all of West Plains, Missouri.

David was born in San Diego, California in 1947. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in electronic engineering from San Jose State University. He was a leading microchip design engineer and trainer. He often traveled to Europe, teaching engineers how to use computer simulation programs. He worked for various companies in California’s Silicon Valley.

Dave was an artist, a musician, a gymnast, a bee- keeper, a glider pilot and a leading authority and designer of alternative energy components.

He was also a lover of Jesus, and active in The Net of Prayer. A desire of Dave’s he often spoke about was to ask Jesus to take him on a tour of the universe and galaxies before entering Heaven.

Dave lived a life of wonder and was fascinated by all of creation. He was fearless in his pursuit of knowledge and his engineering work.

David fought a brave five-and-a-half-year battle against cancer that was caused by Agent Orange from his time spent in Vietnam. The cancer began as prostate cancer, spreading to bones and finally into his brain.

He was much loved by both his family and friends and will be greatly missed.

 Published in The Statesman Examiner on Oct. 12, 2016

Bedini RPX Sideband Generator


Bedini RPX Sideband Generator

This Bedini RPX Sideband Generator is the circuit, which was presented by John Bedini at the 2016 Energy Science & Technology Conference.


Bedini RPX
3.1 MHz Sideband Generator

The Bedini RPX Sideband Generator has a 3.1 MHz RF Fundamental Frequency that will produce the Harmonic Sidebands when a function generator is connected to the AUDIO IN and is set with the correct sweep function.

To learn more, visit: Bedini RPX Sideband Generator

Water Powered Moped?

EDIT – Denis Garnier on Facebook brought this to my attention: Aaron, the Greek inventor is named Petros Evangelou Zografos (Makis Triantafillopoulos is just a well known journalist in Greece who presented the Zografos invention at the TV in the presence of some scientists ). His invention is protected by the patent n° GR1007830 (METHOD AND DEVICE FOR WATER ELECTROLYSIS AND PRODUCTION OF HYDROGEN TO BE USED AS COMBUSTIBLE UPON UTILISATION OF COMBINED FREQUENCIES) … Here is one of the Makis Triantafillopoulos recorded presentation (in greek) of Petros Zografos invention powering a genset … Have a nice week-end !!!


Makis Triantafillopoulos in Greece claims to have created a moped that runs on water.

He uses milliwatts of RF to separate hydrogen from salt water – this process is reminiscent of the late John Kanzius who was able to “burn” salt water.

This is a Greek website translated into English so it won’t be a perfect translation, but it is understandable. The formula to his claim is not revealed as it appears he is waiting for worldwide patent protection.|en&hl=en

Here is a video, which didn’t appear on the website where it was supposed to:


July 2016 – A & P Electronic Media Newspaper

Download this FREE newspaper by A & P Electronic Media.

There are some articles, sample catalog, conference schedule and a link to a new Connected TV station, Tesla Media Network, that we launched months ago.

Download now: 2016 Energy Conference

Coast to Coast AM – Plasma Ignition

Coast to Coast AM – Plasma Ignition

It was an honor and blessing to be on Coast to Coast AM this past Saturday late night to be able to share with a massive audience some information about my work with the Plasma Ignition, Water Fuel, and Open System Thermodynamics as relating to real Free Energy systems.

Special thanks to Mr. Richard Syrett for the invitation and interest in helping to get the knowledge about these technologies out to the world!

For details on the show, visit the show page here: Plasma Ignition

My brief bio on Coast to Coast AM: Aaron Murakami

Mr. Richard Syrett’s Homepage: Richard Syrett

To listen to the show, join Coast to Coast AM’s Coast Insider membership:

Trevor James Constable

On March 31, 2016, Trevor James Constable, parted from this world.

Peter Lindemann and some of his long time associates knew Mr. Constable quite well and worked with him in aetheric engineering projects, which are well documented.

Mr. Constable’s background and experience is so deep that there is no way I could do it justice, but suffice to say, this man inspired and touched many people over the years who were seeking knowledge in the vast field of the Aether.

Trevor Constable
Trevor Constable

When A & P Electronic Media was fairly new, I at least had the honor of speaking to Mr. Constable a couple times on a three-way call with Peter Lindemann. We were getting the documents together in order to share his work online in the Real Rain Making package that has his Loom of the Future book and many hours of videos of his aetheric rain engineering work.
Here is Mr. Trevor James Constable’s obituary:

You can find more about Trevor James Constable here: