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FULL VERSION – Gravity Power 1939 Reverse Engineering Details

This video is the FULL VERSION of all my 3 videos put together in one place. It shows the reverse engineered details of William Frank Skinner’s 1939 Gravity Power Machine. Watch the video from 1939 to see the original here: to see what this video is about.

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2 thoughts on “FULL VERSION – Gravity Power 1939 Reverse Engineering Details

  1. This is basically a flywheel. If you put a load on it it will start to slow down, just like a car trying to go uphill in 5th gear, until you have to disconnect it until the weight gets up to a certain rpm again. That is why there are so many people building these things but not indicating a specific power output. Once you put a load on it it will gradually fade away to the level of the power input. In Skinners video you see no more than 30 seconds of power. The reason being that all the time he was seen using the power, his rpms were decreasing. The unit itself is storing power put out by the input motor. It doesn’t generate power, it stores it.

  2. A flywheel is symmetrical in respect to its axis to store the momentum efficiently. This system is not a flywheel. Yes, if you load it, it can slow down – that doesn’t mean it is a flywheel. Everyone that you see building these machines are not building these machines. They’re building their own simplified variations but leaving out the most important principles that Skinner used, which you need to understand what those are before claiming this is a flywheel storing energy from the input motor.

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