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Bionic Soil

A man from New Mexico creates a special formula that instantly turns soil into rock. His company is getting quite a bit of buzz and no doubt this is an incredible technology, but we’re not sure how this differs from what the Road Packers Group has been doing for years.

Clay is hydrophilic so it soaks up water. Some natural compounds can turn the covalent bonds in the aluminum silicate into ionic bonds and the clay becomes hydrophobic so it repels water and it also becomes harder than concrete. It’s non-toxic and the oil companies have used it for years to create hard dirt roads go hundreds of miles to the middle of nowhere.

This can be done with bricks to make homes with the same benefits – waterproof, fireproof, soundproof, etc…

Here is the recent news story:

Here is a discussion on the “Stabilized Earth Bricks” that is done with something that looks curiously identical to what this “bionic soil” inventor is claiming.

UPDATE – 2014/12/11:  Immediately after we posted this, we found the MSDS (Manufacturer’s Safety Data Sheet) that for the most part discloses what chemicals are used in this project except for a bit of proprietary information.

MSDS for the Bionic Soil:

MSDS for the Road Packer Group:

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