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2015 Energy Science & Technology Conference Panel Discussion

This is a panel discussion of 7 speakers at the 2015 Energy Science & Technology Conference.  Speakers in this video, which is moderated by Jeane Manning, author of Breakthrough Power include (from left to right): Eric Dollard, Al Throckmorton, Graham Gunderson, Jeane Manning, Aaron Murakami, Jim Murray, Paul Babcock, William Lyne, Douglas Lindstrom.

4 thoughts on “2015 Energy Science & Technology Conference Panel Discussion

  1. Nice one, thanks

  2. The opening session, informal talks each presenter gave prior to their prepared presentation. Many speakers are quite inspiring and demonstrate wonderful self-connection, what we used to call “spiritual.” Quite lovely to listen to while you work or exercise. A surprising and welcome emphasis is given to younger attendees and younger speakers.

    1. Where can I get engineering data for designing a 5.5 MHz oscillating tuned tank circuit. I have some .afnet wire and need to know how many turns ànd what diameter and length. I also need to know what values of capacitors Microfarads and voltage for the fixed and variable capacitors to tune in the tank circuit. Where can I find suitable capacitors and how many volts and amps will be flowing? I imagine a high voltage diode bridge circuit or maybe a single high voltage diode to allow the pulses to come through to the next lower frequency tank circuit. I have a fair amount of fadio and radar theory behind me, just not the specific figures and formulae to determine wire gauge, diameter, length, number of turns, etc. I believe in the design of Dr T. Henry Moray’s radiant energy machine and want to continue on with his research, adding my ideas, if they work, to his design and pushing the power output up to at least half a Megawatt or better eventually.

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