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Coast to Coast AM – Plasma Ignition

Coast to Coast AM – Plasma Ignition

It was an honor and blessing to be on Coast to Coast AM this past Saturday late night to be able to share with a massive audience some information about my work with the Plasma Ignition, Water Fuel, and Open System Thermodynamics as relating to real Free Energy systems.

Special thanks to Mr. Richard Syrett for the invitation and interest in helping to get the knowledge about these technologies out to the world!

For details on the show, visit the show page here: Plasma Ignition

My brief bio on Coast to Coast AM: Aaron Murakami

Mr. Richard Syrett’s Homepage: Richard Syrett

To listen to the show, join Coast to Coast AM’s Coast Insider membership:

2 thoughts on “Coast to Coast AM – Plasma Ignition

  1. John Hutchison will be on C2C this Friday as well. Aaron, do you know much about John? Sounds like the kind of guy that would be interesting for your conference.

  2. You can catch this interview for free on AM stations that archive broadcasts. For example, for a limited time, you can go to:
    Select May 1 / 2:00 AM / ~13:00

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