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Turning CO2 into Ethanol with Nanospikes

By using carbon particles embedded in nano carbon spikes, a complex chemical reaction is triggered when voltage is added that directly converts co2 in water into ethanol at a 63% efficiency.

This is not a technology that will “save the world” at this point, but it is the beginning of a new promising idea and we can’t wait to see where it will end up.

The full paper is published here:

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3 thoughts on “Turning CO2 into Ethanol with Nanospikes

  1. Nice idea, but IMHO it is always better to do a RCA, that is, a Root Cause Analysis. Meaning we should leave fossil fuels in the ground. Then, the problem will resolve itself, slowly but secure. All we need to do is lower our own carbon footprint as close to zero as possible. This is very well possible. The only thing that I see missing is getting available free energy technology, with focus on efficiency, into the market. If all inventors and marketing guys would work together then the demand for fossil fuels would drop steadily because of new options getting available pretty quickly.

  2. “Save the world” from what? CO2 has been villainized by the radical environmentalist and the soothsayers of AGW i.e Al Gore… the earth has been in a CO2 defecate since the ice ages… we can use a lot more of this miracle molecule
    what we all should be concerned about is the grand solar minimum which is fast upon us and with it cold, famine and floods.

    1. I agree – I’m posting it because of the technology itself because I’m interested in on demand fuel. I think everyone should read the Survival of Civilization by Hamaker – he does believe in some co2 theory, but is more tied into the demineralized land. – anyway, global forests are suffering from the lack of co2 in the air and the lack of bio available carbon in the soil.

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