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Bedini RPX – What are the Sidebands Generated?

Here is a video where I walk you through the way to measure the sideband frequencies that are created when using the Bedini RPX. A machine must produce these frequencies in order to hit all the real Rife frequencies or it is not a real Rife machine.

It is possible to input a single frequency that will alter the fundamental frequency in order to hit a specific Rife frequency, but by having a function generator sweep through a broad range, you hit them all automatically without knowing what the exact frequencies are. That means it also will hit frequencies that Rife did not yet know the function of.

This is an experimental test device with no claims given.

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  1. I already built similar device back in the late 1980’s which was based on Dr Hulga Clarks device which was based upon Rife’s. Circuit works well and even neutralizes venom. So far have one guy who used it here after being stung by a wasp and even tho he is the type that has extreem violent reactions to bee or wasp stings and is hospitalized if stung, verified that the pain and swelling in the stung area ceased and no swelling of his throat impinging on his ability to breath occured and he did not even go to the ER which was the case normally as for him any sting was life threatning event. I believe it will neutralize snake venom and other venoms from like the Box Jellyfish also but dam if I am going to be the guinee pig for that in order to confirm it…lol. The device I made sweeps all frequencies between 30kh and much higher above…have not actually tracked the upper frequencies to determine the upper limits as have not been that concerned about that enough to think I needed to as there were much more important things to be investigated using the device for me anyway.

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