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Garrett Shivo – We’ll miss you!

Garrett Shivo
Garrett Shivo

Garrett Shivo was a very passionate man who was always looking for solutions to help this world. Some of the people he associated with years ago included Peter Lindemann, Bruce DePalma and others who are well known in the alternative energy field.

He was instrumental in the Magnetizer company and is the former CEO who we had personally worked with for years while offering their incredible product line through our Magnetizer Products website.

This is a rare interview that we had with Garrett a few years ago:

Anytime we send him an email or other communication, he is quick to respond but a few days ago, we never heard back. That was very out of character for Garrett and unfortunately, we found out from Magnetizer that he has passed away.

Here is his obituary:

Garrett Joseph Shivo of Warren passed from this Earth in the early hours of April 30, 2017, in the company of his son, Ryan, who loved him dearly. Also by his side was his brother, Christopher, and nephew, Jacob. In his last hours, Garrett saw the faces of his wife, Joni, his son, Jason, and his daughter, Jess. He was able to hear that they loved him and were proud of him. The love of his family is what Garrett prized most in this world and he was bathed in that love as he passed.

Garrett was many things, a father, a husband, a builder, a businessman and an inventor. Garrett prided himself on the fact that he built 17 houses, owned many patents and ran several companies. Garrett’s fondest memories are of his children growing up and his opportunities to help them. He forever cherished his wife, Joni, and their times together. Garrett had many close friends and enjoyed discussing what life could exist beyond our planet and our consciousness.

Garrett was a dreamer. He was also a man who persevered through the toughest of circumstances to reach his dreams. At the forefront of each of his endeavors was his love for his family and his own unbreakable spirit.

Memorial services will be held out West by the family. In lieu of flowers, the family asks that you: Be kind to those you love, tell them that you love them, and forgive what can be forgiven.

God Bless you Garrett and thank you for all your selfless contributions to this world!

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