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Stephen McGreevy – Natural Earth Radio

Aaron Murakami, Stephen McGreevy,Eric Dollard
Aaron Murakami, Stephen McGreevy,Eric Dollard

Stephen McGreevy is the most recognized expert on low frequency sounds created by the Earth. For many years, he has made thousands of WR3 receivers available to anyone that wants to tune in to hear what it sounds like.

His personal website is here and you can find a lot of recordings of these Earth sounds:

You can order your own WR3 received directly from this link:

A couple years ago, he gave a presentation at the 2015 Energy Science & Technology Conference called On the Art of Natural VLF Field Recording and it is available here:

While heading down to Eric Dollard’s lab, I had to make an unexpected detour to Bishop, California since Eric was rushed to the hospital. He was released the next day thankfully so I drove him down to Lone Pine to pick up his car. Stephen McGreevy is just 15 minutes outside of Lone Pine so we had a chance to pay him a visit and here is the spontaneous unplanned interview below:

Here is an example of what some of these sounds are like:

Here is a short 5 minute documentary on Stephen McGreevy:
Tuned In

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