Survey – What new products should we make available first?

Please take a moment and let us know what new products you want to see available first – ballpark estimated pricing is listed in the descriptions. We have quite a few production ready prototypes ready to be manufactured so please be as accurate as possible when ranking each according to the 10 star options.

1 star = no interest, you don’t want one
10 stars = very high interest, you want one right away

This is identical to John Bedini's RPX Sideband Generator, which is one of only a couple legitimate Rife Frequency machines manufactured anywhere in the world. We have these at The 2.0 version will have a switch that allows you to turn the pumpwave off and on. The pumpwave is a low frequency "carrier" that helps the high frequencies penetrate. All electrode delivery "Rife machines" on the market that do not have a pump wave are phony replications, which means 100% of them are phony since only we have the pump wave incorporated. Without it, the frequencies just trickle over the surface and do not penetrate. With the pump wave on, that is intended for electrode delivery. With it off, it is more intended for electromagnetic delivery by a pancake coil. All original RPX units that have the pumpwave can still be used with a pancake coil so this is just a feature that will be available at the same or similar cost. For more info, research - estimated price by itself will be about $425-$450 USD - the Combo unit is only $650 right now and that also includes a battery, signal generator and cables.
The RPX by itself is around1.5 to 2 watts and outperforms units 10 times the power because of how the pump wave allows the high frequency sidebands to penetrate with electrode delivery. We are considering releasing a 10 watt amplifier that will boost the RPX output power by 5 to 7 times. That is way too strong for electrode delivery so will most likely be hardwired to a tuned pancake coil for electromagnetic transmission. These will be available through Estimated price $400 to $500 ballpark and will probably include the pancake coil hardwired to the amplifier's output.
One of John Bedini's most popular battery chargers was the S3A12, which was a 3 amp 12 volt solar charge controller. It is a linear current regulator circuit that pushes straight DC current to a battery and like all of John Bedini's battery chargers, they get the batteries to the true topping voltage, which no other commercially available chargers accomplished at the time. The S3A12 was perfect for the 45 watt Harbor Freight amorphous solar panel kit, which was low cost, low light but the charge controller of course left batteries in a chronically undercharged condition like all the rest. John made me a prototype S5A12 since I wanted one that was more rugged for 50 watts and a bit more and it tested out perfect but they were never released to the public as a replacement to the S3A12. These will be available at Estimated price will be around $200 - you can get 5 amp 12 volt solar charge controllers on the market for $30-75 but keep in mind that your batteries will be chronically undercharged so what you save on the controller, you will wind up paying more on replacement batteries.
I'm not sure of the max capability of this charger, but it is for higher power applications. It appears to be the most efficient one he has ever built and he said it was the best one he ever came up with. If we release this, it will probably be around 250 watts capability at 12 volts - 24 volts is not on the radar yet. So, it will be intended for up to 20 amps of solar. These will be available on Estimated price? No idea $300-500 ballpark estimate but could be way off. Same as the S5A12, you cand find less expensive 20 amp 12 volt solar charge controllers, but what you save on the controller you will be spending on batteries since they'll never be charged correctly.
This is the famous 2A12 rejuvenator that outperformed many chargers many times its size. Generation one years ago started as an inductive spike charger which charged a coil, turned if off and the collapsing magnetic field sent the high voltage potential to the battery. It worked great but batteries charged like that become less or non-compatible with conventional normal hot current chargers. Generation 2 and 3 were cap discharge, which worked wonders and allowed the batteries to be compatible with all conventional chargers. Gen 4 was also a cap dump but was a little less aggressive than Gen 3. Gen 5 was the latest one released and was essentially a upgraded version of the Gen 3 and it was called the S2A12-EX for Extreme version. The EX version was very powerful but it was also a bit too aggressive and sometimes pushed batteries a bit too hard. If we re-release the S2A12, it will be the Gen 4 version, which is a bit milder than the EX model and will be available at http:/ Estimated price $275-350 - again, low cost chargers will cost you more in batteries over time. We have thousands of customers around the world that saved a fortunate with our chargers/rejuvenators.
I have 20 years experience with light therapy devices and a medical doctor and Qigong master I worked with in our company years ago were close associates with the aerospace engineer who made the first ever Red LED device intended for healing purposes back around 1981 - the true pioneers. The Nogier frequency set is by far the most documented and proven method of delivering pulsed Red and Infrared light therapy devices for people and animals but I certainly don't want to limit anyone to my own experiential beliefs. With the RPX combo set, it comes with a battery and signal generator already and want I want to offer is a device about the size of the RPX, which is a RED/Infrared therapy device that can operate on the exact same battery and signal generator that comes with the RPX. Therefore, it will start to become a Universal system so nobody has to keep buying new gadgets here and there and it will save them a lot of money and time. For years, I've seen the light therapy market increase in its knowledge but it has also taken a nose-dive in terms of integrity where people are outright getting ripped off for what are literally glorified flashlights that may or may not be pulsing. You can get a red light panel for growing plants for around $40 online but as soon as they associate therapy benefits to it, they're charging 10 times that much for an even smaller panel and this has bothered me for years. My goal is to offer you a superior product in quality and versatility - with the signal generator, you'll have infinite flexibility - while being able to undercut the pricing of so many companies that are involved in price gouging - and still make a fair profit. This may be available on or another site that is under construction where all devices may be under as an umbrella site. Estimated cost $200-400 ballpark
The Abrahm's Oscilloclast was the final form of Albert Abrahm's electrical healing devices. Although some frequencies were determined radionically, it is a RF burst generator that creates a very specific waveform. John Bedini was the leading authority on this device, had originals and had created many circuits that 100% replicated the original machine. You can learn more here (copy and paste this link into a browser) We do not make healing claims nor would we sell this as one. Instead, we are interested in offering a device that is a 100% correct electrical reproduction of what Abrahm's Oscilloclast produced for study and to further the education in this field. That's it. The original machines are priceless but there are hardly any left. John had several variations that he created that replicates the Oscilloclast's output and that is what we intend to make available for study. This will be on a website that is under construction that is dedicated to devices rather than information. The estimated price may be $500 to 1000 ballpark.
There are several specific Bedini SG and related models and kits we're interested in putting into production. No overunity claims - just for educational purposes only but you make your mind what you want it for. We will probably offer some smaller and less expensive models first so that beginners can more easily get their wheels spinning, faster. No pricing estimates yet but for small simple kits that we have in mind, probably less than $250.
Circuits that will rotate batteries between front and back of a Bedini SG type system of a "3-Battery" type system.
My plasma ignition system can instantly dissociate hydrogen from water or hydrogen from a hydrocarbon fuel on contact. It has been awarded a US Patent so I can produce full or partial kit systems. The easiest system is for older distributor type of ignition systems but there are ways to do this for newer Coil On Plug systems. The science behind this is explained in my book and video at and I'm open to putting something related to this ignition system into production.
What other products would you like to see? Most of the above we already have production ready prototypes ready for production but want to know what you're most interested in. Please let us know in this box what else you would be interested in having available? A free energy machine that will power your home is not an option. All overunity demonstrations at the conference and elsewhere have been smaller proof of concept designs and for the cost of a very large scaled up version that could power your home, for much less, you could fully power your home with solar and we're more interested in what is practical to those ends. Out of anything you have seen at the conference, on the forums, etc. what would you like to have access to?