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Shielding Cloth – Protects against RF

If you could have a cloth to wrap your mobile phone in so you are not subject to its radiation would you want it? There are countless applications for this kind of material and it’s getting more and more popular by the day.

Tonight, I tested some shielding cloth, which many promote as “EMP Cloth” and verified that what it actually does is block radio frequencies. I wrapped my mobile phone in some and folded it over enough so that there are no openings that would allow any RF to sneak into any of it and from another phone I called it but it just went to voicemail.

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When I removed my phone from the cloth, instead of a wifi or 4G or LTE symbol, it had a circle with a line through it meaning that while it was wrapped in the cloth, it could not find a connection! Obviously, we can put the phone in a metal box with a metal lid, but we don’t always want to carry something like that around, so if we can just take some cloth and wrap it up, then our bodies are free of any of its emissions because the RF can’t get out or in!

There are a lot of other uses that will be evident and the cost of this kind of material is actually affordable.

What about something that may partially block you from the deadly effects of 5G emissions? We’re living in a soup of RF and depending on certain frequencies, it is NOT hospitable to life and can cause a lot of other problems.

I don’t necessarily agree with the vocabulary and definitions of what their website says, but I can say that it does block the RF from going through. It is extremely rare that I ever promote external products but when I tried this shielding cloth myself, I know it works. It’s also available through Clickbank just like the digital books and videos published by A & P Electronic Media so the merchant is trustworthy.

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  1. It makes sense that it would work after thinking about it a bit. Nickel versus copper strands woven together creating a galvanic response a.k.a. a battery. I’ve seen this happen so many times under simulation. When a DC voltage is applied, it makes it easy to flatten a wave form and wipe out its distinct behavior by converting it into either a deadened amplitude if it’s reactive power or merely a reduced response if there’s any real (actual) voltage potential behind it to back it up. So an EMP is not that powerful when we think about it in a sense. It’s just that if we don’t bother to filter it out then of course it’s going to destroy our sensitive equipment. In other words the voltage potential of this woven cloth can’t be that great, but it’s consistent throughout it’s surface area without any gaps. And since it is self-sufficient – ie. self empowering – it can’t go dead since there’s nothing that could cause it to go dead unless the wires became oxidized and failed to make electrical contact with each other. Then, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t continue to work over time.

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