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Self-Sustaining 2-Stage Tesla Turbine

Here’s a self-sustaining 2-stage Tesla Turbine setup – watch the video…

Cryophorus 2-Stage Tesla Turbine self-runs by creating it’s own vacuum to boil water in a warm tank at low temperature. This vapor pressure runs the first stage turbine, while the second stage maintains the vacuum. This runs in this self-running mode as long as there is enough warmth in the front side tank.

There will be more disclosed at the 2020 Energy Science & Technology Conference, which has not be revealed publicly yet with possibly other relevant demonstrations!

If you want a bit more insight, it’s recommended to get this book. Tesla’s Engine – there are only a handful of used copies left. When those are gone, they’re gone!

The 2020 ESTC is 1/3 sold out already, get your tickets while you can!


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  1. Jeremiah – Excellent work here combining the 2 stage Tesla Turbine concept with the Cryophorus process. Simple thermodynamic principles of water’s phase change at greatly reduced pressure leveraged to produce mechanical power. Very clever and brilliant! I do hope to make it to the ESTC to see this mind boggling configuration in action.

    Keep up the good work here…

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