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Electrostatic Potential Drags Prime Mover

Electrostatic Rotary Converter

Recently, I did a simple test recommended by Eric Dollard on the Rotary Electrostatic Converter built by Chris Carson. It is recommended to look at the below post first before watching the video on the recent test.

Chris carson’s rotary electrotatic converter

The capacitor was sped up with a DC motor and then a potential transformer was turned up to about 4500 volts DC and this potential was applied to 1/2 of the capacitor to see if the electrostatic lines would try keep the rotating capacitor plates in phase with the stationary plates. If so, then it should increase the load on the DC motor and reducing it’s speed.

The video is here and there are some more tests to come relating to this:

3D Printable Flat Spiral Coils
3D Printable Flat Spiral Coils
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1 thought on “Electrostatic Potential Drags Prime Mover

  1. Aaron,

    I have recently completed 3 LTSpice simulations of Parametric Oscillators similar to the one described here. All three show current growing without bound when either L or C are varied at the correct rate with respect to the tank circuit. They are very similar to the circuit described by Mandelshtam and Papaleksi. I would like to share them with you. How can I contact you? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1612c0b372ffe455a64d27f680f541ba3e734de695c42b9d82d426ac8144da31.gif

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