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Healthy, Sustainable Products

Stainless Steel Pans & Sheets

Since the massive shutdown, I’ve been upgrading a lot of products and devices that are more sustainable, uses less resources, are healthier, etc.

I’m not suggesting you throw a lot of things away – I did for a handful of items, but when something needs replacing, perhaps it is reasonable to consider other options.

1. BIDET – The first thing to disappear off the shelves starting about two months ago was toilet paper and also paper towels. So, I bought a bidet retrofit for a toilet rather than hoarding ridiculous amounts of toilet paper. It’s a free energy device with an infinite COP since it requires none of my own energy input and is completely powered by the water line pressure, which is completely free. LOL It’s more hygienic and you only need a small amount of paper to pat-dry yourself and you’re done! Bidet’s are going out of stock everywhere too. This is the one I purchased, which has a setting for women: 

2. DISPOSABLE NAPKINS – Instead of disposable napkins or paper towels, which are still necessary sometimes, I bought some reusable 18×18 inch restaurant style napkins that can simply be washed. This will save money and paper over time and will last for many years.

3. COFFEE POT – My coffee pot broke – thanks to the limited life span of digital electronics. I looked around and decided to go with a simple pour through system. Ceramic or glass pour though version have been available for coffee cups for ages but they do require you to add a filter – most people use paper filters but paper coffee filters absorb some of the essential oils from the coffee so you never really get the taste that you’re paying for. There are reusable stainless steel filters, which work great. The one I decided to get is an all glass borosilicate glass pitcher so it can be heated directly on the stove if it gets cold, holds multiple cups of coffee and the reusable stainless filter is double layered – super fine mesh on the inside, which is layered over larger holes – haven’t seen that kind before but it’s the best reusable filter I ever used. Unfortunately, this one is not avail but you can see others: – I’d give it a 4 star simply because the glass lid that comes with it isn’t a great fit and doesn’t hold still very well but other than that, I love the fact that it is just glass and stainless steel. No plastic, no electronics to plug in and it has a small footprint.

4. STAINLESS COOKING PANS – I already have a set of stainless, copper bottom pots and pans. But I have some older baking sheets, loaf pan, etc. and some had teflon and some where aluminum. They’re almost never used because they’re unhealthy to use so I dumped them. I was surprised at all the stainless options available for all of these kind of sheets/pans but I was also looking for copper ones as well. However, WARNING – I found that a lot of “copper” products being marked as safe and natural are actually coated in silicon and synthetic chemicals and is far from natural. Stainless is the only one I could find that have no nonsense attached. Here is what I recently used to replace the aluminum and teflon coated items:


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