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Wardenclyffe by Ernst Van Den Bergh & Kyle Dell’Aquila


I have had the pleasure of communicating with Ernst Willem Van Den Bergh over the last few years and feel that he has much to add to our electric community.

Born in the Netherlands and now based in Thailand, Ernst Willem Van Den Bergh resumes the electrical physics research of Nikola Tesla. Ernst has focused his attention on Nikola Tesla’s work since 2005, and is now ready to share some of his insights to the world. Ernst’s background in IT & physics enabled him to recover unreported truths that would have been otherwise lost forever.

Get your copy now: Wardenclyffe

In the book “Wardenclyffe“, researcher Ernst Van Den Bergh and illustrator Kyle Dell’Aquila reveal the theories, views, experiments and plans behind Nikola Tesla’s Wardenclyffe site in Long Island New York.

Wardenclyffe” is an easy to read and see overview of Ernst’s years of research and development of Nikola Tesla’s original experiments. “Wardenclyffe” is one of the first books that translates Tesla’s pioneering work in electricity to the modern day reader.

The large-scale, military spec, Cosmic Induction Generator I am building with Eric Dollard, will play a critical role in demonstrating some of the insights that Ernst has brought to the table. Next year’s energy conference is not only going to be historical, it’s going to be wild!

Make sure to get your hands on a copy of this book so that we can continue the dialogue that Tesla started.

Get your copy now: Wardenclyffe

Other books by Ernst and interviews can be found here: Ernst Willem Van Den Bergh

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