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Introducing Griffin Brock

Griffin G. Brock

Griffin Brock is a 16 year old enthusiast in the electrical sciences and he is an avid experimenter who has replicated some of Eric Dollard’s work. He was also a presenter at the 2020 Energy Science & Technology Conference. He delivered two presentations. One was on his variation of an electrodynamic seismic forecasting system and another was addressing issues with 3 Phase power systems.

His two presentations will be released shortly so stay tuned!

Make sure to check out some of the experiments he is showcasing and if you want to make a donation, there is a PayPal button in the right column. All donations will be going to his experiments. When you look at his website, you can see that he is putting every penny to good use!

Griffin is definitely on the track to be one of the rare experts in the field of the electrical sciences that will probably be very well-known for many years to come and we hope that you do whatever you can to support and encourage his experiments! Share this link with your friends and we also hope that Griffin’s work with encourage other youngsters to get involved in this amazing field of science.

His new website is

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