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Three Phase Distribution System Representation by Griffin Brock
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Clean Energy Academy Interviews Dollard & Murakami


When Eric Dollard was still in the Northwest not too long ago, Tivon from the Clean Energy Academy interviewed Eric Dollard and myself online at our shop. We touch on a few topics but focus a lot on the large Cosmic Induction Generator project that took us nonstop, every day for a month to get about 90% complete. You can see what this looks like and learn more about it from both of our perspectives. Make sure to register for the 2021 ESTC to see this demonstration in person!

Other pics & vids of the Cosmic Induction Generator setup:

The MWO’s are available at:

Eric Dollard’s presentations are available at:

Register for the 2021 ESTC here:

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Three Phase Distribution System Representation by Griffin Brock
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