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2020-05-30 Live Call Recording with Eric Dollard

Eric Dollard at the Energy Science & Technology Conference 2021

Eric Dollard talk some about Heaviside and his presentation that was given at the 2020 ESTC. Griffin Brock is also on the call to discuss some of his projects, which were the subjects of two presentations he gave at the 2020 ESTC.

We open up for some questions and there are planty of pics and URLs in the video for reference.

There are a whole range of topics covered on this call – the video is 1 hour 22 min.

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1 thought on “2020-05-30 Live Call Recording with Eric Dollard

  1. For twenty seconds, between…


    …and 1:06:38

    …I like what Eric says about the only components allowed in the old style of engineering was to merely use vacuum tubes to bring the power into the system and reserve transformers for amplifying the power. My work on circuit simulations over the past year has brought me to a similar conclusion in which Michael Faraday’s Law of Induction (in which a coil has to move through a magnetic field in order to respond with current manifesting inside of itself) is avoided whenever spark gaps bring in the power and authorize coils to magnify it.

    In fact, I’ve discovered that it is possible to short out a circuit by doing something analogous to what Nathan Stubblefield did with his Earth Generator is to short out all of the nodes of a circuit except for its miniscule sine wave input (equivalent to the voltage available among the trees and other living things, namely: a few microvolts). Many, if not all, of the coils could have generated negative watts (according to the passive sign convention) under this type of odd (by conventional standards) condition. If they had they been allowed to register any voltage. But they can’t since both terminals of each component is shorted to a single node. And this singular node is adjacent to one terminal of a sine wave input while the other terminal of the sine wave input is grounded. Nathan used an old oak tree situated above his Earth Generator (misnamed, Earth Battery by the Patent Office) to input pure sine waves while the Earth shorted everything out. This condition bypasses the resistance which is normally associated with sending energy through each component to get to the load and mimics Tesla’s method of bringing two points in space together so that nothing is sent and also mimics superconductance at ground temperatures. Voila! Current without voltage… Magneto motive force without electro motive force. Only the sine wave input exhibits any electro motive force at a few millions of a volt. Cold electricity…nothing to heat up; and nothing to buildup electrostatics to risk arcing to ground and frying equipment in the process. It begins to look very likely that this style of reasoning is why Nathan managed to bring the air close to ground level into an eveness of glow bright enough to mimic the noonday sun, yet, during the dead of night similar to when Tesla made his body glow to demonstrate the ridiculousness of assuming that electricity always is prone to electrocute unsuspecting victims.

    The circuit which I am using for this virtual experiments is the shorted motor/transformer attached to a full bridge of diodes feeding D/C into a capacitor…

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