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NEW RELEASE – 2023 ESTC – Parker Edmondson – Tesla Coil & Diathermy Machine Demonstration

Here’s a FREE download:

In Parker’s demonstration, they will showcase single-wire electrical transmission using two coils tuned to the same frequency. The primary coil, longer in length, will have the secondary coils wrapped around its base. Both primary coils will be wound to 1/4 the wavelength of the transmitted frequency. The connection between the coils will be established by connecting the bottom wire of the primary coils, while the secondary coils wound around the base of the primary coils will serve as reference secondary coils. Parker will connect a signal generator to the secondary (shorter) coil of the sending coil and tune it to the desired transmission frequency. On the identical receiving coil, a LED or similar device will be placed on the secondary (shorter) coil, and as Parker adjusts the signal generator to the resonant frequency of the coil system, the LED will illuminate. In the second part of the demonstration, Parker will power up a diathermy machine and discuss intriguing effects associated with high-frequency alternating current. They will then proceed to light an incandescent bulb using the diathermy machine. If a volunteer is available, Parker may invite them to hold the bulb and touch one side with a metal object while simultaneously touching the diathermy machine with another metal object. This interaction aims to demonstrate the bulb’s illumination through the transfer of energy. If time allows, Parker will further showcase their expertise by lighting a candle or a kerosene lamp using the diathermy machine. Throughout the demonstration, Parker will provide detailed explanations and insights into the underlying principles and phenomena. Attendees can look forward to an engaging and educational experience, gaining a deeper understanding of single-wire electrical transmission, high-frequency effects, and practical applications.

This video is made available for free to help raise awareness about Parker’s work. He is inspiring hundreds of thousands of youth who otherwise would not know about Tesla and the related sciences. This has a list of a bunch of links to his different websites:

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