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2023-12-16 Eric Dollard LIVE Zoom Call

Here’s the recording of the live call with Eric Dollard, Justin Miller, Griffin Brock, Hakasays, Adrian Marsh PhD and Aaron Murakami.

Some of the topics covered includes:

  • Eric Dollard’s new paperback on Amazon: Nikola Tesla and Polyphase Power or E-book: Nikola Tesla and Polyphase Power
  • Performed a series of tests in the 160m band (~2000kc) using a large Tesla Extra coil and a very low impedance ground.
  • Successfully made a radio contact 114 miles with less than 5 watts with no conventional antenna to an unmatched receiving station.
  • Equivalent radio propagation would require 200+ft antennae and very specific conditions to achieve the same results.
  • Long Lines Project: Status of Open Wire line construction. 1,200 ft. of line raised.
  • Terminal cabinet installed with lines and ground-network connected.
  • Successful reception achieved.
  • Discussion of next steps and intended scale of the facility.
  • Novel new amplified engineered by Eric Dollard and tested by Griffin Brock.
  • Variation of new amplifier will become commercially available as a tube headphone amplifier but can also amplify other signals.
  • Telluric Experiments with Scale Model Alexanderson Coil: A 1:7 scale model of an Alexanderson Antenna potential coil was analyzed while being connected to Earth via a low impedance ground plane. Interesting results involving characteristic frequency modes along the coil were observed, providing further detail to the behavior of this setup.
  • Seismic Mine: A device constructed to utilize received signals from a seismic transducer located within the mine, enabled faint seismic events within proximity to be reasonably received with audible tone.
  • Seismic Amplifier/Rack
  • In relation to electrodynamic seismic forecasting, an experimental means of amplifying received signals through electrostatic means led to the employment of vacuum tube apparatuses of unique character. Such devices provided successful results and have contributed to the furthering of seismic forecasting research.

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