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2022 ESTC New Release – Law of Electrostatic Induction by Aaron Murakami & Eric Dollard

The Law Of Electrostatic Induction As Applied To The John G Trump Electrostatic Machine by Eric Dollard and Aaron Murakami

Here’s the first of many new releases from the 2022 ESTC.

This one is an electrostatic generator invented by John G. Trump, the same Trump who was called in to analyze Tesla’s work after Tesla died. John Trump was mentored by Van de Graaff while at MIT and due to Van de Graaff’s encouragement to study vacuum high voltage systems, this generator concept is the result.

The test unit shown was built by Chris Carson, a friend of Eric Dollard’s and over the last year, we have figured out the basic running method, Eric has analyzed the math, I’ve been doing the bench experiments and have seen enough to realize that the claims by Trump and Carson are true.

The demo unit is flea power, is not in a vacuum so is not ideal but the presentation gives enough information for anyone to develop it further if they wish. There is no back EMF since there are no magnets or coils so when placing a load on it, the prime mover will not know.

Watch the preview vid and get a copy of this presentation here: The Law of Electrostatic Induction as Applied to the John G. Trump Electrostatic Machine

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Lessons in Advanced Perception – Harold Schroeppel’s Personal Student, Dr. Ruth Olmstead, Offers Private Courses

Dr. Ruth Olmstead

Lessons in Advanced Perception
Developed by Harold Schroeppel

Taught and mentored by former student Ruth Olmstead, PhD

A course in expanding your awareness to perceive higher levels of consciousness and in developing psychic abilities such as telepathy, telekinesis, and clairvoyance.

18 hours of personal instruction.

Practice, share, interact, and expand your consciousness and abilities with a small group of participants.
Each group is limited to only 7 participants. Requirements for participation are openness to challenging belief systems, and respect and confidentiality of others experiences, impressions, and concepts.

Registration fee per person is $259.00 paid via PayPal to Mind Stim.
Course begins June 18th and will be offered the first and third Saturday through September 3, 2022 from 3:00-5:30 EST.

Course book required “Lessons in Advanced Perception” by Harold Schroeppel

Click here to purchase your e book from A & P Electronic Media at:

Lessons include:

● Mastering the physical body, emotions, mind, and subconscious
● Understanding energy flows and balancing the energy centers in body
● Learning to develop telepathy (sending and receiving)
● Playing with telekinesis (use thought to move energy via an energy wheel)
● Learning to develop clairvoyance (perceiving things or future events)
● Learning healing techniques
● Accessing and utilizing higher consciousness and universal information

Register now as seats are limited Virtual classes will begin Saturday, June 18, 2022

Course schedule:
Saturday, June 18 3:00 – 5:30 EST
Saturday, July 1 3:00 – 5:30 EST
Saturday, July 16 3:00 – 5:30 EST
Saturday, Aug 6 3:00 – 5:30 EST
Saturday, Aug 20 3:00 – 5:30 EST
Saturday, Sept 3 3:00 – 5:30 EST

Join me in a personal journey both inward and outward, of unimaginable discoveries of our human capabilities. Learn to direct your thoughts to create your new realties, dare to rise above chaos and see the order in all creation. Develop your psychic awareness and learn to resonate with “knowingness” instead of being consciously and unconsciously influenced by fear and chance.

I look forward to our incredible shared journey,
Ruth Olmstead, PhD
For more information contact Ruth Olmstead at (954) 296-8341

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May 19, 2022 Free Emediapress Live Streaming Event

Every week, we receive countless emails asking questions about downloads, the conference, RPX & MWO, general questions about various technologies by John Bedini, Eric Dollard, etc. and on and on. I try my best to personally answer them all but it’s no longer possible.

I’m going to be hosting a FREE live streaming event where you can login and ask anything you like about anything you can think of that relates to anything regarding,,, or or anything else that we’re involved in.

Continue reading May 19, 2022 Free Emediapress Live Streaming Event
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Thane Heins & ReGenX Removed from 2022 ESTC Presentation Schedule

Thane Heins

Over the last several weeks, I have attempted to get an agreement from Thane Heins to allow the proper testing of his ReGenX, motor-generator technology. At first he agreed but then when I got specific, my requests were met with non-response.

It’s very simple – Thane Heins claims that his motor-generator is free of any load and when he puts a load on the generator, the prime mover is partially unloaded so it speeds up. The reason for this is very simple and it has nothing to do with overunity or any other mysterious principle.

Rather than repeating myself, I simply copy and pasted some of a PUBLIC email to him. When he first contacted me, he carbon copied it to a whole lot of people so I simply replied to all when responding. Therefore, nothing below is confidential. You can read my requests to him, which are very reasonable. I also wrote out the explanation of why the prime mover is being unloaded when applying a load (or short), which is still a load.

It will be obvious when Thane is writing and when I’m writing.

Hello Thane,

I believe I have been more than generous by giving you plenty of opportunities to address my concerns about how your motor-generator technology is to be measured.

If you’re unwilling to allow the prime mover to be tested apart from the generator, then that is an obvious red flag.

I will take your silent, non-response to my last few emails as your refusal to allow proper testing of your motor-generator technology so I will remove you from the schedule for the 11th Annual Energy Science & Technology Conference.

If, at some point in the future, you agree to finally allow the proper testing of your technology to prove the “no load” claim by measuring your prime mover by itself, then you will be welcome to present it at my conference.

Until then, it is indisputable that all your claims are illegitimate, especially the claim of “no load” because there is magnetic drag across the generator cores and my video linked to below shows the same effect of the prime mover speeding up under load or being shorted. I gave the correct explanation as to why that is. Your prime mover is pre-loaded – plain and simple – pre-loaded by the drag across the generator cores just as I explained.

If you want to debate this indisputable fact, let’s do it in a public forum where the reality of the ReGenX will be self-apparent to the entire world whether it pans out or not. I’m game if you are.
Aaron Murakami
On 4/28/2022 12:33 AM, Aaron Murakami wrote:

Hello Thane,

I have you scheduled for the Energy Science & Technology Conference, which is July 6 to 10 (Wed to Sun).

Your actual talk is on Sunday the 10th at this time: 9:45am~12:00pm THANE HEINS – REGENX MOTOR & GENERATOR – DEMONSTRATION INCLUDED (135 min)

We have time set aside on Wed so your machines can be measured. One item of interest is to measure the draw on your prime mover while completely detached from the generator and then to remeasure it attached to the generator with the cores of the generator removed and then to then measure it with the normal generator setup with no load attached to the generator. This will show whether or not your prime mover is “unloaded” or not. If in the first two situations the prime mover draws less, it is obviously not unloaded and the generator cores are causing drag on the prime mover meaning it is pre-loaded. Attaching a load or shorting generator coils on a constant current generator is supposed to unload the prime mover and speed it up because of simple Lenz’s Law – the generator coils will generate an opposing magnetic field that will neutralize some of the magnetic cogging effect and is completely expected and normal (for a constant current generator). The magnet can obviously slide by the generator coil easier.

I can demonstrate unloading a prime mover with the Kromrey Generator patented in the late 60’s at a relatively low speed – shorting the output lets the prime mover speed up for the exact reason I mentioned above:


Also, simple volt and amp readings don’t mean much with complex waveforms, but nevertheless, I’m comparing apples to apples in a relatively low speed system and the RPM meter shows the system speeding up when shorted out. When properly understanding these principles, all this can be done at much lower speeds.

I also understand using a coil as a capacitor where producing a load has no drag / no Lenz Law at certain speeds – Tesla patented that in his bifilar coil patent a century ago. We’ve all demonstrated this at various levels for many years so it’s fairly well-known.

Your claim is that at the critical speed, it requires to work for the prime mover to operate it. That means that with the prime mover unattached to the generator, it should draw the same as the system loaded at the critical speed.

If you can be there on the 5th when we setup, that will be ideal so we can set everything up to do the testing Wednesday morning.

How many guest passes do you need? All in person seating is already sold out but we are offering live streaming tickets. Besides yourself 1-2 guest passes would be no problem. Please let me know and I’ll send you a private link.

For reference:

Q2 – Presentation with demonstrations have priority – will you be demonstrating both your ReGen-X Motor AND Generator?


Q3 – Are you able to cover your own travel/lodging meals (meals that are not provided at the conference) to bring what you need to the conference and set it up? (If you present, we’d provide 2-3 tickets so that you and a couple associates can come for the whole conference. There are 4 lunches and 1 dinner provided at the conference location and that would be covered with the tickets.


Q4 – Presenters typically promote the conference that they are presenting at to their newsletter lists, social media networks, etc. Are you willing to help spread the word about the conference?


Q5 – Presentations are typically in Powerpoint format and projected on the big screen. The presentations are recorded and sold as digital downloads and presenters are encouraged to become an affiliate with our affiliate program to earn almost 50% of all referred sales. Is this something you’re interested in? It’s certainly not required.


Q6 – We sometimes hold live conference calls with presenters to introduce what they’re going to present at the conference and to open up for Q & A with the callers. Are you open to participating in these kind of calls if we have time to schedule them?



ReGenX Replications

Q7 – In your email below, there is the subject line, “CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY IMMEDIATE REQUEST FOR (2ND) PERFORMANCE VALIDATION” – Will you allow your motor and generator technology to be independently measured/vetted at the conference by experts chosen by me? 



HILLCREST PETROLEUM AND DESIGN 1ST ReGenX Generator E Core Prototype Hillcrest Petroleum & Design 1st ReGenX Generator and ReGen-X Quantum Motor Demonstration
HILLCREST PETROLEUM AND DESIGN 1ST ReGenX Generator and ReGen-X Quant… HILLCREST PETROLEUM AND DESIGN 1ST ReGenX Generator and ReGen-X Quantum Motor Test and Performance Protocol V2 1. ReGenX Generator and ReGen-X Quantum Motor Test and Performance Protocol 02/21/2021 Prepared by: Thane C. Heins President and CEO, Potential Difference Inc. Preface: Potential Difference has developed the ReGenX Generator and ReGen-X Quantum Motor which both operate with a US …

2018 INFINITE EFFICIENCY ReGenX Generator, Bi-Toroid Transformer Tests Report for SIEMENS:

2018 INFINITE EFFICIENCY ReGenX Generator, Bi-Toroid Transformer Test… – SlideShare 2018 infinite efficiency regenx generator, bi-toroid transformer tests report for siemens 1. 03/10/2018 test data and black box system efficiencies generator armature reaction reversal & electric vehicle regenerative braking reversal technology innovations potential +/- difference inc.

This can happen on Wed/Thur before, during or after the presentations. For something like what you want to present, Fri, Sat or Sun before the panel discussions would be best.


HILLCREST PETROLEUM AND DESIGN 1ST SIEMENS 1 Report Signed Data Sheet… Hillcrest Petroleum & Design 1st ReGenX Generator and ReGen-X Quantum Motor Demonstration:

Q8 – The conference is July 6 – 10 – Wed to Sun. Would you able to be there with a demo setup by Wed night and stay for the panel discussion on Sunday?


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Cosmic Induction Generator – New Tesla Brush Bulb Tests

Cosmic Induction Generator - Tesla Brush Bulb

Last year at the conference, Eric Dollard and I presented on The Borderlands of Nikola Tesla’s Resonant Transformer, which included some basic plasma bulb tests in the Cosmic Induction Generator.

We have some other upcoming experiments but short term, we experimented with a few other Tesla style Brush Bulbs – some results we have seen and some we have not.

The vid is a bit long for what is shown because it’s mostly unedited so watch the whole thing or just skip to the different illumination demos.

We’re not sure how much time we’ll have to upscale all of this equipment to have a part 2 of this presentation this year but we’ll do what we can. All in person tickets to our conference are sold out but we have some live streaming tickets if you want to tune in remotely:

Energy Science & Technology Conference website is here:

Virtual streaming tickets are available here:

Check out the video below.

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2007 Toyota Tundra Crewmax Limited 5.7 Liter Dual Bypass Oil Filtration System

2007 Toyota Tundra Crewmax Limited 5.7 Liter Dual Bypass Oil Filter System

This is something you can do to greatly increase the life of your engine – this is a *must do* on any vehicle where you have any serious investment in. This 1 million mile engine is now a 2 million mile engine.

This keeps the oil 99.9+% clean as you drive so is like having an ongoing brand new oil change on the road. I’ll really only have to change the oil every 1-2 years and once the oil pan drain valve is open and draining, I can change the filters and oil without even bending over…the time the oil pan takes to drain will be longer than that!

There are too many vehicles out there so if you’re interested in doing this, check AMSoil for their dual bypass kits to see if they have one for your engine. The hardest part of the job was just finding somewhere to put it. I’m unable to assist anyone in locating one of these systems for their vehicles – just search online – theres a lot of them out there.

By keeping the oil clean like this, it saves time and money in the long run, reduces carbon in the engine, which is the cause of much of the maintenance and so on so it’s well worth doing. Any reduction in maintenance is money in your pocket. Anyway, this video below is a bit of about my installation on a 2007 Tundra.

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Newly Discovered Spanish Eric Dollard Documentary – You can watch it with English Subtitles

Eric Dollard

Special thanks to Alex L. for bringing this interesting and quite well-done documentary about cell phone towers, etc., which strongly focuses on Eric Dollard’s opinion on the matter.

To watch this short documentary with English auto-generated subtitles follow these simple instructions:

  1. Click on the video to make it play
  2. Click the CC button at the bottom to turn on subtitles – it will be Spanish subtitles.
  3. Click the gear icon for settings – a little popup menu will show.
  4. Click the subtitles/cc option that says Spanish
  5. Click the bottom option in that menu for Auto Translate
  6. Scroll down in that menu then click English (or whatever language you want)
  7. The subtitles will now be in English – the translation will be good enough to understand what is being said.

Donate to EPD Laboratories, Inc. to support the work of Eric Dollard – donation details is in the right column of

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2022-04-02 Tesla Turbine Update with Jeremiah Ferwerda

Jeremiah Ferwerda - Tesla Turbine

Here’s the latest update with Jeremiah Ferwerda of My Tesla Power – formerly known as iEnergySupply.

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11th Annual Energy Science & Technology Conference – Location Change & Price Drop!

2021 Energy Science & Technology Conference

Due to the ridiculous increases in lodging in the Coeur d’Alene and Hayden, Idaho area, too many attendees cannot afford it. Therefore, we’re moving the conference into the Spokane area where conventional lodging is less expensive, but there are also a LOT of AirBNB spots available at low cost that are close to the conference.

The NEW location for the conference is in the most unlikely venue – it will be right in our own shop since there is space! That saves on a lot of costs and as rare as it is, we are passing the savings on to you by lowering the conference ticket prices.

Normally, we limit seating to 150 but this year, since it is at our shop, we’re limiting it to ONLY 50 SEATS and these are going to go very fast.

We’re also going to offer live-streaming but it’s a challenge to get a human being to respond from any company that offers live streaming options. IF you want a live streaming ticket, please do not purchase a general admission in-person ticket because we will not give a partial refund in order to downgrade the ticket to a streaming ticket. There is a chance live-streaming won’t be an option and if not, you take the risk of missing out altogether and will have to wait until the presentations are available as paid digital downloads.

The ticket prices have been slashed drastically and you can get one here:

The new location (in Spokane, Washington rather than Hayden, Idaho) is listed on the website along with other details:

The updated schedule is here:

For lodging, etc. details, go here:

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James DeMeo, PhD Passes

Dr. James DeMeo, 2021 ESTC

Sometime after last year’s conference, James told me he had gotten ill and lost a lot of weight but it sounded like he was getting better. I was shocked to learn today that he had passed.

He was always in good spirits and always took the time to explain things to people to make sure they understood it. He was a courageous fighter who always published his work despite the fact that much of it flies directly in the face of “accepted” science, which is of course the whole point.

He absolutely left a powerful and valuable legacy behind in his presentations and writings and he will always be remembered fondly for his humor, his integrity and his passion for truth.

Please go here for his obituary: