Multiple Order Harmonics - Tuning the QEG by James Robitaille

"Synchronizing Electrical And Physical Resonances In Generator Coils Predict High Energy Gains!"

REVEALED: Generator coil core resonance can add to electrical resonance to boost total output!


James Robitaille
James Robitaille

Multiple Order Harmonics™


James Robitaille

James is a self-taught Electronics Engineer, retired in 2012, who has been designing electronic controls for electric motors for 26+ years. He holds 17 patents and is knowledgeable in many different types of electric motor designs. James is also a radio enthusiast (since the age of 7), and was employed for a time repairing Amateur and CB radio equipment and antennas. His father was a mechanical engineer, so he has been immersed in the field of electro-mechanical motion from his youth. A large part of his work has been in designing rugged, efficient and manufacturable motors and electronic controls for consumer and industrial products. You may have seen some news from Honda Motor Company about a new option available starting with the 2014 Odyssey Van – the world’s first built-in cabin vacuum cleaner system! James designed the electronics and motor controls for the switched reluctance motor used in this product. However, he has always had the eye and the heart of an inventor, and has questioned the established conventions in his field of design. He does not accept the notion that heat and wasted energy has to be a factor in every electrical machine, and so has developed the concept for the Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) to disprove this theory.

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Multiple Order Harmonics - Tuning the QEG by James RobitailleFrom: Aaron Murakami
RE: Multiple Order Harmonics

Dear Friend,

Ronald Brandt was a brilliant experimenter who was successful in developing many Tesla and related technologies. He associated with many of the legends of the "Free Energy" and Tesla Sciences field including the late John Bedini who he shared his well-known "Tesla Switch" plans with that ran an electrical motor in a unique way that allowed the batteries to stay charged up while producing an abundance of mechanical work.

With a different methodology, he developed a generator technology that had high energy gains based on synchronizing various resonances in the system and this serves as the foundation for the Quantum Energy Generator or QEG project, which became an internationally known phenomena by Hope Girl and the Fix the World Organization.

The QEG is a switched/variable reluctance, variable frequency generator that uses mechanically pumped parametric resonance (tank circuit) to generate up to 30,000 volts of reactive power in its primary windings.

The reactive power in the core is then converted to real power by the secondary windings.

The QEG has 2 modes of operation; conventional mode, which produces about 800 Watts peak output for 1,000 Watts input, and resonance mode, where the machine is operated at a particular RPM/frequency to excite the fundamental mechanical resonant frequency (around 2.4kHz) from a lower order harmonic.

In resonance mode the machine appears to be capable of overunity due to the output voltage increase afforded by the vibration of the core steel when the machine is driven into resonance.

Join us in exploring the possibilities by unifying all parts of the generator as one synchronized energy machine.


Multiple Order Harmonics

1 Hour 24 Minutes presentation by James Robitaille
PDF of the PowerPoint presentation used at the conference.
22 Minute * RARE * video that includes the legendary Ronald Brandt discussing the generator that is the origin of the QEG.
How to Build an Energy Efficient and Potentially Fuel-Less Generator - 254 page PDF

This is the QEG presenatation you must have if you want to see in a very concise way what it is about, what the goal is and what is needed for it to achieve its ultimate objective.

Multiple Order Harmonics


1 hour 24 minute presentation by James Robitaille

PDF of the PowerPoint presentation.

22 minute video with *RARE* footage that includes Ronald Brandt

How to Build an Energy Efficient and Potentially Fuel-Less Generator - 254 page PDF

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Multiple Order Harmonics

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22 Min presentation including *RARE* Ronald Brandt footage

How to Build an Energy Efficient and Potentially Fuel-Less Generator - 254 page PDF

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