Al Francoeur

Al Francoeur developed several varieties of original alternative electro magnetic energy systems and reviving technologies associated to high voltage magnetics and energy recovery system known as EMA, Electro Magnetic Association (Ed Gray), with original EMA motors and related equipment to be revived as regenerating prime movers. Invented and developed 6KW and up Multi phase/Freq Permanent Magnet Dynamos, the original and first Interference Disc Electric Alternator Motor technologies, original and first stainless steel Vaporizer Vessel fuel delivery system for the internal combustion engine. Also developing off grid conventional alternative energy systems on site such as Wind Dynamos, Solar Cells, Micro Hydro Gravity system, Solar Hot Water Generators, and more. We are working toward total sustainable energy self sufficiency which also includes horticulture and installing green houses for year round growing of non GMO organic foods in colder regions such as in BC.

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  • Electricity, Magnetism, Gravity & Singularity by Al Francoeur

    Electricity, Gravity, Magnetism And Singularity

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