Stephen McGreevy

Stephen P. McGreevy is attributed to starting one of Hawaii’s first beacon in 1986 for a very specific frequency range and in 1987 he worked several Japanese Amateur stations from northern California using an old Navy ship transmitter. Stephen’s interest in natural VLF (Very Low Frequency) radio started in 1988 thanks to Michael Mideke. Heard First “Whistler” live in eastern Oregon high-desert (Alvord Basin) on crude audio filter and 500 meter wire June 1989. In 1990, he developed his first whip-antenna receiver for listening to “whistlers”, an audio event that is caused by natural VLF. This led to Stephen carrying the torch for the amazing world of Natural VLF Radio. Today, enthusiasts all around the world are using Stephen McGreevy’s various VLF receivers to hear the natural Earth sounds that have been hiding right in front of us. As a note of interest, Stephen’s research into Natural VLF Radio is directly related to Eric Dollard’s telluric research.

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  • On the Art of Natural VLD Recording

    On The Art Of Natural VLF Field Recording

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