Paramagnetic & Diamagnetic Field Experiments by Prof. Robert Haralick, Guy Oboloensky & Loren Zanier

"Paramagnetic And Diamagnetic Field Experiments Demonstrate That A Rotor Free-Spins LONGER With A Load Than Without And Weight Loss Is Demonstrated While There Is Rotation And Other Anomolous Findings."

REVEALED: Conventional Science has yet to embrace the anomolous effects of paramagnetic & diamagnetic field experiments but here is scientific data that suggests that they should.

Professor Robert M. Haralick

Prof. Robert M. Haralick

Paramagnetic & Diamagnetic Field Experiments™


Prof. Robert M. Haralick

Robert M. Haralick is a distinguished professor in Computer Science at Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY). Haralick is one of the leading figures in computer vision, pattern recognition, and image analysis. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and a Fellow and past president of the International Association of Pattern Recognition.

Haralick is a Fellow of IEEE for his contributions in computer vision and image processing and a Fellow of the International Association for Pattern Recognition (IAPR) for his contributions in pattern recognition, image processing, and for service to IAPR. He served as president of IAPR from 1996 to 1998. He has served on the editorial board of "IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence" and has been the computer vision area editor for Communications of the ACM and as an associate editor for Computer Vision, Graphics, and Image Processing, The IEEE Transactions on Image Processing and Pattern Recognition. He served on the editorial board of Real Time Imaging and the editorial board of Electronic Imaging. His publications include over 570 archival papers, book chapters, conference proceedings and books. He has coauthored papers with over 265 people. Google Scholar indicates that there are over 49,000 citations to his research papers.

Haralick has been recognized for his academic research in the Marquis Who's Who books. He is listed in the current editions for Who's Who in the East and Who's Who in America.

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Paramagnetic & Diamagnetic Field Experiments by Professor Robert Haralick, Guy Obolensky & Loren ZanierFrom: Professor Robert M. Haralick
RE: Paramagnetic & Diamagnetic Field Experiments

The magnetic field that we learn about in the physics texts books we call theparamagnetic field, (a flux field). In the non-academic world, there is some discussion of another aspect of the magnetic field, called the diamagnetic field. The diamagnetic field, where it occurs, is always perpendicular to the paramagnetic field and is thought to be biologically active.

In this talk, we describe experiments by which the diamagnetic field by the bloch region and by the poles of a magnet may be measured using 3-axis Hall effect milligaussmeters, magnetoresistive milligaussmeters and sensitive differential electrometers. Our experiments provide evidence for the existence of a diamagnetic field and the vortex of the paramagnetic field.

It is well known that a changing paramagnetic field will induce a voltage across a coil that is positioned in the changing paramagnetic field. The polarity of the induced voltage is such that if the coil is connected to a load, the paramagnetic field in the coil, produced by the current in the coil opposes the primary changing paramagnetic field that produced it. We designed experiments using a rotating circumferentially polarized ceramic ring magnet to determine whether a moving diamagnetic field can induce a diamagnetic field and if the induced current of a coil affected by the primary diamagnetic field is entropic or counter-entropic.


Paramagnetic & Diamagnetic Field Experiments

1 Hour 26 Minute video presentation
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Learn about some hidden anomolies in magnetic fields that mainstream science has been reluctant to acknowledge.

Paramagnetic & Diamagnetic Field Experiments


1 hr 26 min presentation

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