A Treatise On The Work Of Dr. Parkenstine



Parker Edmondson aka Dr. Parkenstine of Tiktok with over 800,000 followers spent the weekend with us at the 2022 ESTC. This video is not a presentation on any particular topic but is more of an overview of many of Dr. Parkenstine’s videos showing who he is, what he likes to do, how many experiments he has done and things he likes to build.

Dr. Parkenstine at only 21 is a prolific builder who had conducted many experiments including building a massive Tesla Magnifying Transmitter in his parent’s yard! Because over the last couple years, many people are feeling down, he thought it would be a great idea to start a pandemic of happiness by broadcasting at a harmonic of 528 Hz, which many people consider the “Love” frequency.

We encourage anyone who is interested to follow his work, build a receiver tuned to 528 Hz and see if you can pick up his transmissions enough to light and LED from long distance. Dr. Parkenstine even has a video showing you how to make it.

The day he showed up at the conference, Tiktok banned his channel with over 800,000 followers. What interesting timing! We encourage you to go follow his new TikTok channel https://www.tiktok.com/@dr.parkinstine2 or you can find him on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/pman817/ – also pass on this hashtag, #freedrparkinstine – it’s been shared or viewed over 1-2 million times on Tiktok.

Next year, we’d love to see him document a very specific experiment, possibly verifying that others are able to receive his 528 Hz transmission over long distances. It’s very important to support our brilliant young builders and we’re excited to see where his ingenuity takes him over the next few years!

The price of this video is just to cover the video production cost. Please get a copy to learn more about Dr. Parkenstine and support his work by following him on Tiktok.



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