Advanced Solar Methods


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Peter Lindemann originally authored Solar Secrets, which exposes the flaws of the conventional thinking behind solar powered systems, the panels used, the way batteries get charged and more. It is one of the most downloaded digital downloads ever offered through Emediapress. This book was originally used to introduce the general public to the solar charge controllers manufactured by the John and Gary Bedini about 6 years ago and has a lot of gems that you will not find anywhere else. For now, this book will remain free until it is updated.

So, make sure when you purchase a copy of the presentation that you get the free Solar Secrets book as well!

At the 2022 ESTC, Peter presented on Advanced Solar Methods, which goes into more details along with showing a real installation applying the knowledge we have shared for years. Our friend Al Francoeur in BC has the setup, which shows what is probably the most effective 12 to 24 volt solar energy system with battery backup that has ever been put together. By 2pm, his battery banks are full charged regardless of the weather.

There is an art and science to getting these results and to our knowledge, this information is not available anywhere else. But there is no shortage of bad/misinformation available online that can take you down an expensive and fruitless path.

Think about it – how many people do you know that have used large solar battery backup systems and the battery banks are supposed to last for years but they are getting replaced every couple years! Why? Besides the fact that the solar “experts” have no idea how to properly wire a battery bank to begin with, yes, really, they literally have no idea how, the batteries are not charged to the proper voltage to give them long life.

If you’ve ever considered using solar on your home or business, this presentation and free book is a must have and for those of you who really want to just get off the grid, make sure to get a copy of Jennifer McMenomy’s presentation Off Grid Living, which is the perfect companion to this solar presentation.



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