Aureon And The Safire Project


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Jon McMahon surprised us with a spontaneous presentation relating to The Safire Project, which many have followed who are interested in the electric space models. He also imparts to the audience some valuable pieces of advice that anyone interested in experimenting should understand!

Managing radioactive waste in the USA is a $500 billion problem. The worst of that waste lasts from ten thousand to a billion years. What if there were a technology that could safely neutralize radioactive waste while simultaneously creating clean electricity and rare earth elements?

Over the past decade, our SAFIRE Project technology has demonstrated the ability to change the nuclei of atoms using electricity, rendering benign daughter elements. This process is called transmutation.

The SAFIRE Project has repeatedly transmuted tungsten and iron into more than 17 benign stable daughter elements, as verified by a certified independent laboratory.

Aureon Energy is using this technology to develop commercial treatments that will neutralize radium in the wastewater called “produced water” that hydraulic fracturing operations generate.

It has also been verified that there are no neutrons in the nucleus of atoms – only electrons and protons. This book is recommended to understand the working model much of this work is based on: The Nature of the Atom: An Introduction to the Structured Atom Model


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