Babcock DC Motor Disclosure


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The first 3 parts of Magnetic Energy Secrets sets the foundation for understanding the principles involved in my motor and in this new presentation, I disclose all the details that I have kept locked up behind closed doors.

Although anyone can look up my patent on this motor, there are details that are not revealed and this presentation is the only place that you can learn how the motor really works.

The mechanical architecture is simple but the switching technology is where some real technical magic is. It’s the switching principles that I have disclosed very little about to the general public. My switching circuit is also patented but if you read it, you will still not understand the context of how it fits into the motor.

Magnetic Energy Recovery (MER) is the science of recovering and reusing the electrical energy used to create magnetic fields. This allows very powerful electromagnetic fields to be created at very low electrical input energy levels.

Combined with the elimination of Lenz reactions, the kinetic nature of magnetism can be exploited as a mechanical energy source that cannot be accounted for or related to input electrical energy.

What this leads to is an understanding of algebraic inequalities instead of the common idea that there has to be an equal sign between two different energy phenomena. Equations lock us into a belief that there is a closed nature that camouflages the indisputable fact that what goes into a system does not have to be directly proportional to what goes out of it.

Hence the fact that the sum of the total energy is ALWAYS more than the input energy because the perpetual gyroscopic mechanical nature of magnetic flux is an energy source. The trick is turning the gyroscopic mechanical nature of magnets into continuous work.

The input energy is always accounted for 100% as a transformation from electricity to heat, but then there is the free mechanical motion created by the magnets, which is produced by the perpetual gyroscopic nature of magnetic lines of flux. I only paid an electrical price in input energy – the mechanical energy is 100% free. The total energy summation is input electrical energy PLUS magnetically produced mechanical horsepower. The total energy summation of usable energy is always over 100%!

The amount of input energy transformed to heat is not a loss but totally usable energy and the amount of input energy I used is 100% engineer-able so I can use way less input energy and have no effect on the mechanical output horsepower. There is no direct relationship.

Magnetism is the ultimate energy source; civilization can be powered by magnetism. It is just a matter of engineering and materials science and my hope is that you come to a full understanding of this with my new presentation.


  • Details never before released to the public about the operation of the External Field DC Motor
  • Beating Lenz reactions with external field interactions
  • How Newton’s Third Law of Equal and Opposite Reaction only applies to magnetism if you build it to conform to the law. There are other ways!
  • Magnetic Energy Recovery (MER) and semiconductor architectures that don’t self-destruct and live through flyback phenomena commonly known as collapsing magnetic fields
  • The belief of Newton’s Third Law applied to magnetics has camouflaged another magnetic model from view and once you’ve removed this camouflage and have a full understanding of abundant inequality, a whole new energy world will appear before your eyes

Part of the 2016 Energy Science & Technology Conference series (80 mins downloadable video).


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