Bedini SG



Bedini SG – The Complete Beginner’s Handbook

Building a Bedini SG is a right of passage for anyone seeking REAL free energy! Save thousands of hours of research, and eliminate trial & error! For the First time ever, the entire Bedini SG schematic, parts list, detailed building instructions and circuit operation theory are revealed all in one place.

Downloadable ebook by Peter Lindemann & Aaron Murakami.

Bedini SG – The Complete Intermediate Handbook

This takes everything you learned in the beginner’s handbook to the next level. Building upon the original Bedini SG, you’ll learn how to critically balance the circuit and charge and discharge capacitors so you can get more output for less input. You’ll also learn a bunch of John Bedini’s personal tricks to enhance efficiency even more.

Downloadable ebook by Peter Lindemann & Aaron Murakami.

Bedini SG – The Complete Advanced Handbook

This book reveals the final secrets of John Bedini’s self-running machines. One of the main revelations of this advanced book is a complete disclosure and analysis of John’s low-drag generator designs. This shows you how to convert the mechanical energy of the wheel into excess electrical energy. Bedini SG – The Complete Advanced Handbook also includes a complete expose on the famous “Watson Machine” for the first time ever, as well as a detailed analysis of the Kromrey Generator aka “The G-Field Generator.”

Downloadable ebook by Peter Lindemann.


Save $14 when you buy all three handbooks together!

Bedini SG – Beyond the Advanced Handbook

By Peter Lindemann. This is the first time John Bedini’s 1984 Kromrey Generator has been publicly demonstrated ever and the meters showed that the output was 200% compared to the input. The Bedini SG that was demonstrated had a self-rotating battery system based on Bedini’s Splitting the Positive diagram and it recycled virtually all of the energy is used to run the energizer back through batteries to charge them up. The amp hours of running time that this energizer demonstrated was way more than the battery capacity can account for. A diode method was also shown that elicited way more radiant energy than the circuit and batteries could even handle, which teaches you that generating the radiant is not the issue because it has always been in the machine from the beginning – the real issue is how to safely capture it! The bottom line is that this presentation demonstrates that everything we have said in the Bedini SG books are true.

Part of the 2016 Energy Science & Technology Conference series (108 mins + 89 mins of bonus downloadable videos).



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