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The Bourke Engine Documentary is a book compiled by Lois Bourke, Russell Bourke’s wife in collaboration with an experimental aircraft association.

This historically important and significant book contains some of the most important if not THE most important information in combustion science that has ever been published.

There are so many misconceptions about what the Bourke Engine was about and the science that explains its operation but you will find that this important compilation contains more than what was ever intended to be released to the public all at once.

There are other documents included in the back of the book that explains other aspects of the Bourke Engine, which were not included in the documentary and for the first time ever, you are about to put these into your hands all at once!

Roger Richard places his hand right over the exhaust ports – See how cool it runs!

Like Russell states in the Documentary, “There’s gold in them cylinders!” Not just a fortune but super efficiency! Simple, powerful and environmentally friendly which was my main focus. I wanted to do something to help turn things around and cut down on if not completely do away with the waste and pollution caused by inefficient conversion of fossil fuels by conventional piston engines.

Russell Bourke was way ahead of his time and you’ll soon see why when you read this priceless Documentary. He wanted to prevent and reverse the devastating results and problems that conventional engine technology was and still is causing to our environment and our bodies today! He knew what has happened today was going to happen decades ago and unfortunately, it has happened!

A key aspect of the Bourke Cycle engine is that it actually CLEANS THE AIR as it converts thermal energy in to usable torque and power! You’ll learn why when you get your hands on this Documentary. So read on and learn what I am talking about. The Bourke Engine is easy to understand once you grasp the significance and simplicity of its design and operation!

What is this Bourke Cycle? It is a unique cycle that is not dieseling contrary to what some people have led themselves to believe and it has nothing to do with the Otto cycle that normal internal combustion engines run. It is something entirely different. After the piston reaches top dead center, the fuel is no longer burning and has instead built up a flame free high pressure charge ready to send the piston on it’s down stroke – how so? This is all revealed in the Bourke Engine Documentary – Bourke Cycle Edition! It is what separates the Bourke Engine from every other engine technology that has ever been invented.


One thing I realized from reading Russell’s words is “Simplicity is the key to Efficiency!

Not only will you be able to get your hands on the Bourke Engine Documentary, this special Bourke Cycle Edition is an exclusive release only available here. This PDF is 202 pages jam-packed with the most comprehensive package of information on Russell Bourke’s Engine that has ever been released!

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