COMBO – Musical Seismograph & Electrodynamic Seismic Forecasting


This combo package includes two presentations by Eric Dollard

1. Musical Seismograph from the 2017 Energy Science & Technology Conference
2. Electrodynamic Seismic Forecasting from the 2019 Energy Science & Technology Conference

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Musical Seismograph

The advanced seismic warning system that was built by Eric Dollard in Landers, California was the most advanced earthquake forecasting system ever developed or probably even imagined. It could predict earthquakes magnitude 6.0 and above 24-72 hours ahead of time, which is far beyond anything our own government or military has ever achieved (publicly that is). Since it was closed, Eric has been working to rebuild the basic system, but this time on protected land where nobody can stop the progress.

He has been accomplishing this with a low budget based on donations and “glom”, which is free stuff found around the desert, junk yards or electrical surplus places. This has been ongoing for a few years now and the progress has been incredible including have an entire mine dedicated with three seismic transducers (seismographs) at the disposal of EPD Laboratories, Inc!

The signals are very low strength and it is an amazing challenge to amplify these – especially if the goal is to do it all with analogue components. Of course being that Eric Dollard is the modern-day Tesla, he is doing it Tesla style.

This presentation walks you through the concepts of converting the seismograph signals into musical signals using a Tesla Converter. Most Tesla fans have never heard of or even know what a Tesla Convert is, but Eric teaches what it is and even shows one working. It amplifies signals with resonance instead of electrically. That along is beyond the scope of most Electrical Engineers and Eric Dollard is using this to have each Seismograph output tones that will eventually be tuned to the Pythagorean scale.

If you thought 432 Hz was the musical note of A that would be in resonance with the natural world, well, the truth is you’ve been misled. The truth is that the Pythagorean scale is the one that is truly in harmony with natural ratios and you will learn all about that in this presentation.

Besides the Tesla Converter presentation and demo (with us in the actual mine!), you’re going to learn about some audio amplifier circuits that you have never seen and the design concept that Eric shares may very well be the most highest fidelity audio amplifier ever conceived.

You’re going to learn quite a bit about multiplexing, which is like playing a chord on the piano, but it is more than that. On phone lines, being able to send multiple signals once and having them be split apart again at the end. You’re going to see Eric on a piano keyboard showing a lot about chords and multiplexing. He has quite a bit of this in the presentation and is necessary to prove the point. If you understand that harmonics are important, even if you don’t fully understand it, this presentation is priceless.

Part of the 2017 Energy Science & Technology Conference series (244 mins downloadable video).

Electrodynamic Seismic Forecasting

Eric Dollard has over 30 years experience in this specific field of predicting earthquakes by analyzing the Earth’s electrical signals. Quite a bit has been released in the past about his methods but in this new presentation, he discloses previously classified information.

This presentation starts out with an overview of a simple Earthquake prediction system successfully used in Greece days in advance. As you know, the best the governmental agencies seem to have are warning systems that only gives minutes of advanced notice. Being able to forecast earthquakes days in advance is obviously magnitudes above what is currently being used to warn the public. This system could also give fairly accurate predictions of magnitude, location and time! Eric describes that he detuned an AM radio so it can receive below the normal broadcast band to pick up precursor noise from Earthquakes.

After reviewing some of the Greek system, he covers some of the famous Lander’s installation that took him and his associate two generations to build literally. He show a lot of video clips and pictures from that facility that have been shown before, but this time, he is narrating it with details that were not previously revealed.

Eric explains every crucial component in the entire system and keep in mind that all the racks and racks of equipment, he built nearly all of that from scrap parts. I get some comments on YouTube from people listening to his interviews asking what he has ever built – well, the Lander’s facility alone is one project and is more that most people will ever build in a lifetime. It is truly an amazing, superhuman feat to accomplish that with just Eric, his friend Walt and a handful of helpers.

One year of data

The one year chart directly above has been shown and explained in parts – you’ll see close-ups of the chart explained by Eric and what it all means. This is a collection of four sets of data. Solar Flux, mechanical earth vibrations, and above and below ground electrostatic (longitudinal) impulses. When all four of these data sets start to rise together and start building up, there will be an earthquake 6.0 and above in the next 24-72 hours. Eric also explains the relationship between solar flux and earth vibrations.

Diagrams that were previously held confidential and were the subject matter of reports prepared for certain individuals and agencies are shown that give the layout of the overall system. It shows the basic layout, the electric wave interception circuit layout, layout of the terminal facility, the central office facility, and the tandem operation.

Eric then walks you though a lot of pictures that were released in a report last year, but he goes into all the details of what it actually means. You’ll see the real work out in the field, up on the poles out in the desert.

There’s also a brief video demo of an experiment out in the desert where he shows the reception of Earth signals with all the necessary, basic test equipment sitting in the back of his car.

Towards the end, he reviews some of the Alexanderson Network Diagrams and some Versor Algebra diagrams and how it relates to this entire earthquake forecasting system. He then ends with some diagrams of the waveforms and equations.

This is the most open Eric Dollard has ever been in terms of much of the proprietary information behind this system and he lays this all out for you to understand. Much of this is able to be understood by those without a technical background. This presentation will leave no doubt in the viewers mind as to his engineering genius and is a testimony to his hand on ability to simply build things that work that most people have never seen.

Part of the 2019 Energy Science & Technology Conference series (90 mins downloadable video).


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