Crystal Radio Initiative


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The Crystal Radio Initiative is a challenge to create a Tesla type Crystal Radio that can receive enough electricity from the ground to power bulbs, motors and other electrical devices.

So far, several experimenters have been able to power small bulbs (not LEDs) and small motors and ultimately, the Grand Prize would be given to someone that can light up a 100 watt bulb.

At the 100 watt level, that would require an enormous ground system, which most people don’t have access to, but even lighting a 5 watt bulb is worthy of praise.

You see, it is commonly thought that AM radio waves only travel through the air, which are received by an antenna. Those would be transverse or electromagnetic waves, which diminish in strength the further they travel.

However, Tesla knew something else, which is not widely known and that is the fact that every AM station is simultaneously transmitting it’s signal through the ground longitudinally – and that signal does NOT diminish over distance in the same way. That means that receiving the longitudinal transmission allows you to have much more energy that can be used to power bulbs or other devices. This is a Tesla style longitudinal transmission or dielectric/electrostatic transmission.

This entire project has been open sourced on my official discussion forum at Energetic Forum along with schematics, operating theory, and even a handful of pictures, videos and data of replications from some of the regular members such as dR-Green and others.

Another point of interest with this project is that the ground transmission happens at a speed that is not limited to “light speed”. You could say that it is “faster” than the speed of light or more correctly, extraluminal. Extraluminal transmission means that the signals are propagated in a way that are not subject to light speed limitations.

On the surface, this may seem to violate popularized “laws of physics” but shortly, you will see that it is a simple mathematical and engineerable fact.


  • 91 minutes long downloadable video presentation on the operating theory of a Tesla type Crystal Radio, which has no antenna
  • 72 minutes long downloadable video presentation showing you EXACTLY how to calculate the windings for a coil for a * REAL * Tesla Resonant Transformer based on the same proportions as Tesla’s own transmitter!
  • A 303 page downloadable ebook, which has theories, schematics (that actually work), comments, references along with contributions from other experimenters who are a part of this open source project


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