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T. Henry Moray was known as having one of the most profound free energy devices that produced massive amounts of “overunity.” The key to making his system work was a crystal that Moray worked with that was referred to as a “Swedish Stone.” When Moray was on a mission in Sweden for his Mormon Church in 1912, he was researching crystal radios and was looking for minerals that could work just as well or better than the galena crystal. Claims for what this stone was appears to have been speculation but somehow, John Bedini managed to replicate it.

This crystal is actually the secret behind Bedini’s “Ionic Line Amps”. Keep in mind that these were in production and they were purchased and used by audiophiles all over the world!

John did a famous demo with these at an audio show in the early 1980’s – he would play a record or CD into his pre-amp, which fed a larger high power amp that powered some high end speakers with high volume.

John Bedini's Audio Amplifier

He then disconnected the large speaker cables and put one of these amps at the output of the amp and another at the input of the speakers. He then connected both of those ionic line amps with tiny 30 gauge wire. Now anyone that knows even the smallest bit about stereos knows that if you crank up the stereo with this small fine wire that it will probably disintegrate them with that much wattage. However, as John was often doing the “impossible”, it worked perfectly!


John said that the wires were of course too small to carry that signal and the wires acted more as a guide – while the real power was moving through “hyperspace” or what is also known as “counterspace” from transmitter to receiver. This is in theory identical to what Eric Dollard has taught about extraluminal transmission systems and how longitudinal waves propagate.

You’re about to learn what the formula is (all the ingredients), how to bake and form it and what kind of circuit to put it in so you can experiment with it!


  • 25 minute downloadable video presentation by John Bedini
  • Ingredients for the crystal formula
  • Instructions on temperature and time to bake the crystal
  • Diagram of circuit to use the crystal
  • Diagram and explanation of how to build two different longitudinal wave detectors


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