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Walt Jenkins gives an update of how far he has come over the last couple years. There is so much water in the atmosphere that it is possible to extract this right out of the air to be used in the fuel process and this is something he wants to use in his planned RV project where he drives across the country mostly on water.

Walt covers that his study of charged particles and lightning led to his new process to get the energy out of water. This possibly leads to the lowest cost fuel on Earth that may utilize either fresh or salt water.

He shows some video of some tests such as 5ml of gasoline and 450ml of water that were mixed and put into a 49cc scooter. There has shown to be an 80% reduction in emissions with this system. Normally, this kind of scooter gets around 70 mpg. With Walt’s system, he claims 500 mpg! We hope to see experience this test ourselves where we can see a long road test from Spokane to Seattle for example, which is about 280 miles. This would eliminate any doubt in the minds of sceptics that it is only burning vapor of the gasoline for a short demonstration until those vapors are going.

In some tests, it is claimed to have an 1100 times increase in gas mileage and the horsepower doubles. Another video of a test is done with a 196cc engine. Walt covers his planned RV/bus tour to travel across the country without stopping for fuel.

Part of the 2019 Energy Science & Technology Conference series (60 mins downloadable video).


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