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This film is a demonstration I gave in Japan to a group of investors. You will see, everyone was really excited at the time, but in the end, no one actually invested in the technology because it was too far ahead of its time.

This film definitely shows a very dramatic demonstration of my Solid-State power multiplier ever recorded. That solid-state demonstration is known as the S.E.R.P.S. technology, which stands for the Switched Energy Resonance Power Supply.

It shows an electric heating element running on 100 watts while the input of the circuit is only drawing 5 watts from the wall! I know, without understanding the technology, that claim is pretty hard to believe. But I’m so sure you’ll be interested in this, that I have put a clip of this part of the film on YouTube. It’s titled “COP 20.0 (2000%) Reactive Power as Energy Source“. Go ahead and watch the video below before reading on… but with Paul Babcock’s improvements on the switching, we demonstrated a COP of 47 at the 2014 Energy Science & Technology Conference.

I hope you liked that! What it shows is that WORK can be accomplished in a circuit, even if all we are doing is “borrowing electricity and returning it to it’s source.” Years ago, the Dynaflux Generator was the first machine I designed that demonstrated these effects. Now that I’m releasing all of this information, I thought you might like to learn the history of this new technology and dig into the origins that made it possible. Please allow me to explain a little more about what’s in this one-of-a-kind information package.

(Downloadable video. Description by Jim Murray)

Lab Tour

Also included is an amazing “Tour” of my laboratory and a demonstration of 6 of my most important inventions. These include a demonstration of a model of the Dynaflux Alternator, the Transforming Generator, the S.E.R.P.S. circuit, the Toroidal Motor, the DC Dynaflux Motor and finally, the AC Dynaflux Motor.

Each of these machines were designed to demonstrate a specific property of electro-mechanical interaction, and each and every one of them successfully shows a way to create power gains during the electro-mechanical energy transformations. Watching these demonstrations is a lot like shedding your beliefs in energy scarcity!

During the “Tour,” I introduce you to the technologies, run the demonstrations, and explain the meaning of the results. Honestly, I have never seen another inventor do this for the education of the public! It’s like giving you the beginnings of an advanced degree course in electric motor and generator theory, without the insanely high tuition.

(Downloadable video. Description by Jim Murray)

Patent Collection

To round out your understanding of these amazing inventions, I am also including a file with all 15 of my US and International Patents and Patent Applications, so you can learn the deeper details and official “claims” I was granted for these machines.

Basically, I’m giving you access to the better part of my “life’s work” that cost my investors more than $3 million over 30 years to bring to this level of development!

By studying the patents and watching the demonstrations over and over a couple of times, you’ll keep learning more about these machines for quite some time – the Dynaflux Concept presentation discloses missing details from the Dynaflux Alternator patent!

(Digital download. Description by Jim Murray)


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