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I am extremely happy to finally be releasing this information to the public. You see, for over 40 years I have been running fundamental experiments on the nature of electrical and mechanical energy. The results of these experiments were always considered as the “proprietary property” of my investors, but in the end, none of them stayed around long enough to see the final results! So now I am free to share all of these amazing discoveries with all of you.

At the 2015 Energy Science & Technology Conference, I gave this presentation titled The Dynaflux Concept And Lenz’s Law. For the first time ever, many of the secrets to the Dynaflux Alternator are revealed, including details that were intentionally left out of the patent!

If you want a disclosure on an electrical generator that has been tested to output over 2.5 times the amount of electricity compared to a normal generator turned by the same motor – here it is!

If you watched the YouTube video directly above, that isn’t the Overunity demonstration but you can see it lighting 2 incandescent bulbs without giving any significant load to the prime mover! That means, the Dynaflux Alternator is able to output electricity without bogging down the motor running it. This is one of the most valuable machines developed in this entire field.

Although the presentation is somewhat technical, I laid it out in a way that even those with basic technical backgrounds can understand the main points. This package is one of the best “Proofs” you’ll ever get that the way they teach electrical engineering in College is not even close to being the full story!

(Description by Jim Murray)

Part of the 2015 Energy Science & Technology Conference series (76 mins downloadable video).


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