Electric Motor Secrets



Electric Motor Secrets Part 1 by Peter Lindemann, DSc shows patents, diagrams, schematics, working models, and table-top demonstrations with meters, so you can understand all of the principles he discusses. Electric Motor Secrets was and still is the most comprehensive tutorial on electric motor history and function available on the Internet. It also opens the eyes of the student to possibilities not taught in school.


  • Complete briefing on the history of electric motors, with a detailed explanation of what really holds back their performance
  • Multiple examples of working motors that produce more mechanical energy than the equivalent amount of electricity they consume. Many inventors have accomplished this!
  • Design parameters of how to convert “off-the-shelf” motors to function this way
  • Explanations on how to build regenerative electric motors that produce high torque AND recover a significant portion of their electrical energy, as well
  • This package offers something for everyone, from the interested hobbyist all the way to the advanced electrical engineer
  • If you REALLY want to understand what it takes to build a “fuel-less electric home power plant”, then this is where you have to start your education!

(136 mins)

Electric Motor Secrets Part 2

In Electric Motor Secrets Part 2, Peter covers the history of the “self-running” power system known as the “Lockridge Device”, as well as its construction and theory of operation. In it, he looks deeply into the torque characteristics of electric motors operated on capacitor discharges and how this can radically reduce their energy losses caused by “back EMF.”

Part of the 2010 Energy Science & Technology Conference series (83 mins).

Advanced Motor Secrets (Electric Motor Secrets Part 3)

Peter had also been collaborating with another motor design expert named Dave Squires. The result was Advanced Motor Secrets. Scientists and engineers have always told us that electric motors ‘convert’ electrical energy into mechanical energy. Apparently, that’s not true! It is now clear that electric motors can be designed to produce mechanical energy AND recover most of the electricity they are running on! This turns the idea of ‘conversion’ on its head!

David R. Squires graduated from San Jose State University in 1976, with a BSEE degree. He worked in the semiconductor industry for the next 19 years as a designer. In 1995, Dave switched to the EDA (Electronic Design Automation) side of the industry, specializing in high speed (fast SPICE) circuit simulation. In the same year, he began his study of “free energy” physics, with a special emphasis in magnetic field behavior and design. By exhaustive use of magnetic field simulation in the last few years, Mr. Squires has discovered a series of revolutionary principles that allow for the design of advanced electric motors and generators.

Part of the 2012 Energy Science & Technology Conference series (83 mins).


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