Electrical Transmission In Multiple Coordinate Systems


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Many years ago at Borderland Science, I had two presentations – Transverse & Longitudinal Electric Waves and Tesla’s Longitudinal Electricity which are considered classics in the field of Tesla research. These are also available as part of the Classic Energy Videos package.

The first shows you the difference between transverse and longitudinal waves and then some practical demonstrations. The second goes deeper into longitudinal waves including a transmission demonstration.

Einstein’s so-called speed of light limit is circumvented since the longitudinal propagation goes through counterspace, which is instantaneous meaning there is no velocity. It is not “faster than light”, it is instantaneous extraluminal transmission, which is way more advanced than what Einstein was ever able to conceive.

Since those demonstrations many years ago, a lot of my work has focused on fully developing a fully working theory that. It is somewhat mathematical but will still use only basic algebra.

You will get a very detailed analysis of the Alexanderson System as well as learning about wave propagation in multiple coordinate systems. Physicists use the term dimensions so in other words, it will be about wave propagation in other dimensions that are outside of the velocity of light.

The analog computer network systems will be a central figure in this presentation. And, this presentation is directly related and very important to the understanding of my Advanced Seismic Warning System.

(Description by Eric Dollard)


  • 244 minutes downloadable video presentation by Eric Dollard
  • 301 page PDF document of the PowerPoint presentation from the conference
  • The theoretical basis for longitudinal transmission systems as demonstrated in the classic Borderland Science videos showing “faster than light” transmission. In reality, EXTRALUMINAL means it is complete disconnected from the speed of light
  • The most detailed presentation on network theory in history – considered the most complicated subject in all of electrical engineering
  • The math and schematics to replicate these analog computer networks that transmit in both transverse (electromagnetic) fashion and in longitudinal (dielectric) propagation

Part of the 2016 Energy Science & Technology Conference series (244 mins downloadable video).


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