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One of the presenters could not make it to the conference so John Bedini and I filled up that time with two presentations. This was the first of those two and there was no time to prepare, but I think you’ll agree that the information shared here is very rare and valuable.

For almost 20 years, I have spent countless hours studying Floyd Sweet’s VTA (Vacuum Triode Amplifier) claims, diagrams, etc. In all of that research, real experiments on my bench show me that there is some truth to Floyd Sweet’s claims. His overunity claims were unusually high but at the bare minimum, I have been able to figure out and prove that there are certain properties to the Barium Ferrite magnets that hardly anyone has ever discussed.

Barium Ferrite magnets can be programmed to resonate at specific frequencies. When they do this, their magnetic field is actually moving because of the intrinsic instability in the barium atom. There were claims that Floyd Sweet’s magnets were conditioned to have a moving “bubble” but that isn’t nearly the whole story. However, there definitely is a moving component to the magnetic field in these magnets and you’ll hear an in depth discussion about this very profound principle.

There is also quite a bit of discussion that I share with the audience on permanent magnets in general and other aspects of magnetism that is not generally known – not even by most engineers and this presentation will empower you with this knowledge.

Imagine having a magnet whose field can move, even though the magnet stays still. Of course, any time a magnetic field is moving, we have an electrical generator. Other generators force us to move the magnets, even using a gas engine to propel their motion, but this magnet doesn’t have to move one bit. Only its field is moving while the magnet holds still. Part of the force propelling its field to move is taken from the ambient energy that is all around us. If you adapt this to various coils, this ability to use ambient energy to fuel the motion of the magnetic field can and will produce electricity.

that can cock itself like a trigger on a gun so that it is “biased” in one direction and imagine that this “cocking” action happens all by itself from nothing more than ambient energy that is all around us. Then, it gets to a critical point where it “fires” and it does this over and over and over. If you adapt this to various coils, this automatic action can and will produce electricity.

Both of these presentations stand alone but definitely compliment each other as they both discuss the motional magnetic field, which is the common denominator to some legitimate technologies that actually do demonstrate overunity performance.

(Description by Graham Gunderson)

Part of the 2015 Energy Science & Technology Conference series (59 mins downloadable video).


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