Food Forest Abundance



Get started with your own food forest: Food Forest Abundance

Jim Gale shares the principles of Food Forest Abundance, which has helped people and organizations in over 50 countries achieve food freedom!

A Food Forest is simply a forest of food. The systems we create follow the principles of what you find in a forest. Everything in the forest grows abundantly and regeneratively without any insecticides, pesticides or fertilizer. It’s almost as if the way it was created was the way it was meant to be. As a happy band of permaculture practitioners and entrepreneurs, we’ve lived every lesson we teach. From planning and growing a food forest, to building a passive solar greenhouse, to rehydrating an eroded field and stream bed. We’ve even created rainwater harvesting systems for our own homes. Our lessons are rich with real-life experiences and an absolute passion for sharing what we know. We exist to help people grow their own food.

Food Forests book by Aaron Murakami is also included with this download for FREE.

Get started with your own food forest: Food Forest Abundance


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