Home Energy Savings Guide


How to cut your power bills by 50% or more!

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How to cut your power bills by 50% or more!

Home Energy Savings Guide, formerly called Save On Home Energy, is set up so that you can learn exactly how to save energy throughout your entire home! You’ll learn EVERYTHING you need. In the end, this process identifies 4 specific categories of home energy usage and the necessary steps to reduce costs in every single one of them!

Home Energy Savings Guide is a complete manual that anyone can understand. Once the new information is applied, you’ll keep more money in your pocket, month after month. Home Energy Savings Guide contains the energy saving solutions that the power companies aren’t telling you because it takes money out of their shareholder’s pockets.

Thousands of people have used bits and pieces of this material to cut their home energy costs here and there. Now you can have them all in one package.

  • Cut up to 70% off the costs of heating water in your home. This isn’t about getting the standard fibreglass insulating jacket that the experts recommend or installing a solar hot water heater
  • Cut oil heating costs up to 25% or more and I’m not talking about making biodiesel
  • Leave your thermostat at 72 degrees if you want and still spend less than someone that sets their thermostat at 68 degrees!
  • Cut the cost of lighting your home by over 80% and this goes beyond the standard recommendation for installing the CFLs (compact fluorescent lights)

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