Magnetic Implosion Transformer



Here it is! This is the MIT device: The Magnetic Implosion Transformer!

There wasn’t enough time to finish the whole MIT device last year before the 2015 Conference, so I demonstrated a simpler device that demonstrates overunity. In that video, I showed how even a plain, small transformer can be re-configured to give a measurable energy gain … and in this video, I’m demonstrating a larger device that measures even MORE energy gain.

After many exhausting nights spent building this device after my already full time job… and a lot of financial commitment and other sacrifices, I was finally able to demonstrate the Magnetic Implosion Transformer at the 2016 conference. I’m grateful that it performed beyond my expectations!

Keep in mind that the results are MEASUREMENTS and I’m still in the process of validating the apparent overunity. By using two distinct methods of measurement to compare the output work to the input that I pay for, everything is showing me the same numbers — even with two different kinds of power analyzers!

For this demonstration, I was able to light up a hot incandescent bulb on the output and it was drawing 570% more energy than could be accounted for going into the input. It’s even possible to dial the input power down to zero watts while the light bulb remains lit, which means the output has an infinite COP (coefficient of performance)!

Although these results have been consistent and it is an astounding demonstration of overunity, one of the highest ever publicly demonstrated, I’m not quite sure why it works this well.

The reason my invention is called the Magnetic Implosion Transformer is because it uses “compression” and “ignition” cycles similar to how an internal combustion engine works. In this case, we are using pressure from magnetism instead of pressure from combustion. We produce a magnetic field using magnets, compress it, and give it a “spark”. Just like in a combustion engine, the “spark” causes a sudden pressure change that delivers power.

I touch on some of these concepts in the interview below, which was before the 2015 Energy Science & Technology Conference when I thought I would be able to show the Magnetic Implosion Transformer in time.

There are some things in this presentation that I originally thought I’d keep secret, but I showed them anyway so this presentation reveals lots of details about the machine. There are already some replication attempts in a popular energy forum and at some point in the future, I’m interested in offering kits to help make it simpler for builders to replicate my work and see the results for themselves.

(Description by Graham Gunderson)

Part of the 2016 Energy Science & Technology Conference series (103 mins downloadable video).


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