Nikola Tesla’s Thermodynamic Transformer



Jeremiah Ferwerda demonstrates the Thermodynamic Transformer inspired and mastered by Nikola Tesla and also shows demonstrations as the main part of his presentation for the purpose of helping the layman understand the workings of the Tesla turbine aka Nikola Tesla’s Thermodynamic Transformer. This is a system that will solve the world’s clean energy crisis by transforming heat from many natural sources into usable energy.

He shows how the Tesla turbine can convert energy from the following sources:

  • Earth Heat / Earth Battery: Nearly unlimited energy from the earth. The earth is like a giant battery, charged with an average of 55 degrees F, about five feet below the surface. Harvesting the earth’s heat is most practical in the winter and in cold climates. The limitation is the speed in which you can extract the energy over a given amount of time for a small sized system
  • 96% Efficient Solar: It’s about time the world used solar heat collection for electrical energy on a mass scale. Today’s electrical solar panels are only 15-19% efficient. With all this extra power from the sun, there is only one problem: how do you store all that energy? The answer is water. Water can store enormous amounts of energy in the form of heat, and it’s clean, cheap and available to everyone
  • Waste Heat: All of our machinery today produces losses in energy in the form of heat. If that heat can be transformed back into usable energy, literally all of our machinery can become more efficient

The 2020 presentation on the Tesla Turbine system by Jeremiah was not released after the 2020 conference because the demonstration was not ready so it was not included with the video. We have decided to release it anyway so that this package can be complete. We recommend getting both the 2020 and 2021 and watching them in order for the full picture of Jeremiah’s R & D path, which has led him to the results he is currently able to get.

2022 Presentation – Last year’s cold steam demonstration of boiling water to produce steam under a vacuum had to be carried on a trailer and a truck because it was so large, it took 5 people to set everything up over a couple days. This year the entire demonstration was small enough to fit on a small table and produced more electrical power. Not only that, but the condenser last year had to be submerged in ice to run. This year the small condenser could be carried by one person and ran at 80 degrees Fahrenheit as opposed to last year’s 35 degrees Fahrenheit condenser.

Discoveries and things he learned. An explanation of Nikola Tesla’s self-regulation condition will be given. The turbine behaves like a direct current motor when the condition is achieved. When the turbine is at idle very little steam is used, but when there is a demand for power, more cold steam automatically flows through the turbine to compensate for the added load. In addition, this effect automatically keeps the turbine from going faster then the materials can handle and prevents over speeds.

The below previews are for 2022 (top one) and 2021 is the one below that.

2022 Preview

2021 Preview


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