Off Grid Living


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Jennifer McMenomy presented Off Grid Living, which documents what her and her husband Terry have done to power the home that they built 100% off the grid. What is important for anyone to understand is that she shares not only what works but what didn’t work so literally, this presentation could safe you a fortune in both time and money if you want to get off the grid as well.

Just weeks before the 2022 ESTC, I met with both of them to discuss some off the grid and related topics and in a short time, they were already implementing some of the things I shared with them – even before the conference happened! This presentation covers all of this.

Jennifer and Terry have implemented solar, wind and even hydro into their energy producing attempts and are working on a relatively low cost and passive method to heat their greenhouse year round – bananas in the wintertime? Yes, it’s not only possible, but others are doing it without having to pay for a heating system as one would think!

Before the conference, I paid a visit to their amazing off the grid home with Peter Lindemann who also gave his feedback on what he saw so at this very time, Jennifer and Terry are applying some of those recommendations as well. This will all be documented on an ongoing basis.

Stay tuned, but in the meantime, watch this valuable presentation so that you can get on the right track from the get go!



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