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In The Orgone Energy Accumulator: Experimental Confirmations And New Water-Structuring Evidence (Part 1), some of the most astounding information on biology, Reichian Orgonomy and water science is shared. For many years, many people have studied the “Orgone” concepts of Wilhelm Reich, but unfortunately, too much of the information that is now online is simply incorrect and is far divorced from the original, proven concepts shared by Reich himself. It is always best to go to the source and Dr. DeMeo is a leading authority on the real Reichian science.

According to NASA, water may be the most abundant molecule in the Universe. It also appears that water itself is a primary medium that may help link or translate Orgone or the “life force” energy to this world we live in. Once you see the presentation, you’ll understand the significance of the Andromeda Galaxy picture on the cover of the presentation graphic.

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It is known that Wilhelm Reich developed special types of capacitors that cultivated this life force energy, which are called Orgone Accumulators. It is interesting to note that the original name for capacitors are condensers, which literally condense a certain type of potential inside them.

Dr. DeMeo has not only replicated various Reich Orgone Accumulators, but has documented many of the same unusual, anomalous effects that include but are not limited to: faster seedling growth, blue glowing light, and warming inside the accumulator even if the door is wide open (no temperature equalization with the surrounding air). This is an obvious violation of conventional thermodynamics, which would predict that the temperature would eventually equalize inside the box with the temperature outside of the box, but it does not.

Observations also include a better sense of well-being, speeding the healing of cuts and wounds, and even a 200-300% increase in lifespan of mice with cancer! This is game-changing science that is the subject of one of the most egregious suppression attempts by the US Government. They went across the country banning and burning Reich’s books and kept him locked up in prison until he died. If their claim is true that Orgone doesn’t exist and the accumulator is nothing but a simple box, then why the desperate attempt to erase this science from history?

Part of the 2019 Energy Science & Technology Conference series (80 mins downloadable video).

Orgone Energy Experiments: Proof Of A Cosmic Life-Energy (Part 2)

James DeMeo continues his presentation on Orgone Energy Experiments at the 2020 Energy Science & Technology Conference.

Part of the 2020 Energy Science & Technology Conference series (106 mins downloadable video).


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