Plasma Impulse Motor


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Almost 10 years ago, my innovation in plasma ignition circuits became a game-changing revolution because it obsoleted all the patents owned by the corporate giants because it allowed anyone to take an off the shelf capacitive discharge unit and add a high voltage diode in the proper place and it automatically became a plasma ignition.

What was originally developed for the purposes of igniting ultra lean mixtures beyond what was thought possible led the way to a high speed capacitor discharge method that can also charge inductors (electromagnetic coils) allowing them to pack a punch that appears to be quite a bit stronger than is normally thought possible.

The Ed Gray Motor, considered by many to be THE Holy Grail of Free Energy technologies, is legendary because of the astoundingly high output claims and thousands of experimenters around the world have sought out the secret.

John Bedini knew Ed Gray and documented the motor’s schematic, Peter Lindemann wrote the original thesis on the operating method that put the Ed Gray motor on the map in a big way and Mark McKay spent a fortune travelling the United States meeting with Ed Gray’s family members, engineers, investors, etc… What they all have in common is that not only are they all around my home town here in Spokane, Washington, they’re all my personal friends – having the right resources is all important especially when trying to reverse engineer the SECRET of the Ed Gray Motor.

While I can’t claim that I have solved this secret, I have interesting results from my experiments and what my schematic turns out to be is a 100% mirror image analogy of the famous Gray Tube circuit but just on a smaller scale.

What it comes down to is that a high voltage spark ionizes a gap and then a low voltage high current source can then discharge over the same gap, which would normally be impossible. Not only does this happen, indisputably, but it happens at an accelerated rate that is also not supposed to be possible.

With a certain charge on a capacitor at whatever joules of potential, I can short circuit it and get just a little spark – that is about as fast as you can dischage that capacitor. But when I discharge this capacitor with my method, it discharges in a way that it is no longer a spark but a bright ball of white light with a very loud sound.

This was already all proven out with my ignition experiments that I documented in my Ignition Secrets book and presentation. This time, I’m making this discharge go through a coil first in order to run a motor and the goal is to see if this apparent negative resistance effect can actually reduce the resistance of the wire in a coil and it’s impedance to the capacitor discharge.

WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? Because if we can reduce the impedance of the coil to a capacitor discharging into it, we can make the coil charge faster and thereby increase the power of the magnetic punch the coil gives to a magnet. This all translates to a much stronger electromagnetic motor for the same electrical cost!

Also, many brilliant engineers that I know and work with have motors and generators that are said to be free of Lenz’s Law – this means they don’t get the equal and opposite resistance so to speak and this is HUGE. However, to be technically correct, they are not violating Lenz’s Law, but instead, the geometry of their motors and generators or even energizers are such that Lenz’s Law doesn’t even apply.

With my Plasma Impulse Motor concept, if the coil impedance is reduced so the rise time is quicker, this actually would appear to be a direct violation of Lenz’s Law because it should apply with the topology of the motor presented – but if I’m actually able to make the resistance reduce in the coil, then this is one of the most important findings that has ever been presented in electromagnetic science.

This presentation gives the theory and operating method of the motor as well as a demonstration without any free energy or other incredible claims. It is a work in progress and Eric Dollard is consulting with me on how to optimize this entire circuit to take it to levels that I have not considered and this will all be added to the presentation download package as it is made available.

Part of the 2016 Energy Science & Technology Conference series (89 mins downloadable video).


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