Real Rain Making


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Hello, my name is Trevor James Constable. I have spent the better part of the last 50 years studying the weather and what makes it behave the way it does.

While Meteorologists catalog weather events AFTER they happen, I have been interested in discovering WHY they happen in the first place. After all, it is in the deeper study of “true causes” where the mysteries of life are revealed.

For instance, have you ever seen rain fall from a clear sky? Have you ever noticed that a cloud that has rain falling from it is often GROWING in size? Have you ever seen lightning that was not followed by a clap of thunder? There are dozens of so called weather “anomalies” that are not well explained by modern Meteorology.

Regardless of how unusual any weather event may be, there is a real reason for it and a real set of laws governing the appearance of that event. I believe I have discovered the real energy source that drives the weather, and with this new theoretical basis, have developed a comprehensive set of methods for modifying its appearance.

I have already been able to:

  • Dissipate SMOG in large metropolitan areas
  • Lift FOG in harbors for maritime safety
  • Break DROUGHTS and alleviate human suffering
  • FILL RESERVOIRS for irrigation and power production
  • Calm high WINDS to help FIGHT WILD FIRES
  • WEAKEN LARGE STORMS and steer them away from populated areas

I know all of this sounds pretty unbelievable, but if you stay with me here, I can prove every word I have said. The fact is, I have not only done these things, but I have documented these events with advanced notification to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), as well as with photos, video, radar and eye witness accounts. Many of these events have also been reported on in a nationally distributed magazine.

But none of this happened overnight. It took years of painstaking experimentation to develop both the equipment and the processes. Most of these “learning experiments” happened out in the North-eastern Pacific Ocean, out in international waters, when I was a Radio Officer on the Flagship of the Matson Lines, the SS Maui.

On trek after trek between the port of Honolulu in Hawaii and Long Beach Harbor in Southern California, I tested dozens of different pieces of equipment from the forward deck, and documented the effects with film, video, and the ship’s radar.

At first, progress was slow. But every success lead to further refinements and better results later. By the mid-1980’s, all of the fundamental procedures and effective equipment variations had been identified. Everything since that time has only represented refinements.

I discovered that the energy that forces the weather to do what it does is, in fact, the illusive “ether” that all of modern science denies the existence of. That made it virtually impossible for me to get any academics to seriously look at the technology. Once that became obvious, I simply continued to develop the process without their approval, and adopted my life-long motto: “Only Results Count“.

All of the presentations of the weather, as we experience them, are actually secondary effects of processes in the underlying ether. My equipment is designed to interact with this etheric energy in the atmosphere and that allows me to modify its flow characteristics.

All of the beneficial weather modification processes, which I outlined above, can be produced simply by either stirring, expanding or compressing the ether in the local area. Once the new ether conditions are established, the weather responds and changes accordingly. Under the right circumstances, this can happen quite rapidly.

With my technology and processes, it is now established that the weather may be modified for the greater benefit of Humanity!

Over the years, I produced a number of books and films that documented my work. During the late 1980’s, I released a number of VHS videos showing rain engineering experiments filmed aboard the SS Maui. Fewer than 200 of these films ever sold in a small niche market.

Then, in 1994, I released the 148 page book titled Loom of the Future, which documented the entire 40 year history of the development of these weather modification methods. 1000 copies were printed. It took two years to sell them and the book was never re-printed.

Reports on various, successful operations appeared in different issues of Borderlands Magazine and were read by its limited number of subscribers. Since then, huge advances have occurred. I can now mount what appears to be an “empty tube” on a Helicopter, and produce significant rainfall with as little as a single, 30 minute flight. Films showing these processes were also produced in the late 1990’s and sold in a limited release.

So if you have never heard about this before, now you know why. The documentation has just never been widely available. But I’m getting older, the situation on this planet is getting more desperate, and I want YOU to know that there IS a solution available to tackle the problems presented by extreme weather conditions and Climate Change. A lot of people have helped me with this over the years.


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