The Secret Of Tesla’s Power Magnification


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At the 2014 Energy Science & Technology Conference, the S.E.R.P.S. machine was demonstrated publicly for the first time in history.

S.E.R.P.S. is a Switched Energy Resonant Power Supply, which operates on the same power magnification principles that Nikola Tesla used to amplify the power in his generators.

In layman’s terms, energy is supplied by a power transformer to run the lights and then is stored in a capacitor. The capacitor is then discharged back through the lights again to the power supply in a way that neutralizes the load seen by the power supply.

The consequences of this energy oscillation is that the load (bulbs) can be powered twice while the net energy supplied by the power supply is reduced to a very small value. The implications of this technology for energy use in the future is absolutely astonishing!

This is all done without violating any laws of physics or electrical engineering principles and uses all standard electronic components.

Example of the input compared to the output as measured by a Tektronix oscilloscope

What the above graph shows is that the SERPS device is drawing 1.1 WATTS net from the power supply but the light bulbs are actually burning 52.7 WATTS. 52.7 watts divided by 1.1 watts = a COP or coefficient of performance of 47.90, which is 4790% more energy than is required to run the machine.

The input represents the difference between the energy provided and the energy returned. The output represents the work accomplished as this energy oscillates in and out of the system.

The Secret of Tesla’s Power Magnification is a downloadable presentation of our THEORY of how the S.E.R.P.S. device actually functions. This system is far from being perfected but proves that Nikola Tesla was correct in not only his claims but his explanations of how to “recycle energy” in his generator system networks.

Of course, just the revelation about power magnification is worth the investment in this package, but you’ll get much, much more than that.

Part of the 2014 Energy Science & Technology Conference series (downloadable video).


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