Telluric Radio Communication Research



The course of this presentation ventures through the historical background and significance of Nikola Tesla’s wireless communications systems, seen through the lens of a practicable and replicable manner. Prior to examining the rudiments of this longitudinal system, the lecture commences with the first commercialised systems of telegraphy employing single wire lines for impulse communication, and discusses the similarities between these systems as compared to the action occurring in Tesla’s Earth radio apparatus. Patents and other literature are reviewed with keen eye before adhering to the true wireless nature and core subject of the lecture thereof.

Throughout the latter half of the presentation, the journey of replicating Tesla’s wireless system is introduced in a pictorial representation. A cohesive outlook to the importance and systematic construction of an adequate electrical Earth ground is presented. Thus, giving the physical outline of what is and what is not an ideal implementation of Earth ground for the sake of Tesla’s longitudinal communication. This extends itself into the operating principle of specially designed resonant transformers which possesses unique qualities for Tesla telluric transmission, while doing away with modern day erroneous misconceptions of a Tesla transformer.

The presentation then concludes with a demonstration showcasing the operation of longitudinal wave transmission along a single wire, while employing sophisticated equipment.



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